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Great concept and site. You have so much packed in here; it’s hard to leave. As always, the networking “goddess” does it again. I’m so glad to be a part of your many organizations since meeting you more than 15 years ago!

Bonnie L. Mackey

CPA, Principle, Levin, Silvey, Zelko and Mackey

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Heidi Richards Mooney


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Anna Valencia

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Racheli Rafael

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Rosana Santos Calambichis

Rosana Santos Calambichis

Florida Chapter President

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Women Rocking the Web 2018!

Women in Ecommerce™ are now taking submissions for our 2018 List! To be considered for the next list, you must be a woman who has been doing business online for a minimum of two years from the date of submission


Savvy, Business Women who share the lessons they have learned and the successes they have experienced in their own business. With tips to better manage, market and manage your business both online and off the web.


The EducateHERs™ Network

The EducateHERs™ Network is a powerful resource built on the premise of a mastermind – that two heads are better than one, that two minds equal the power of three and that together we can learn more


Heidi, your event was beyond magnificent. I was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of information and ideas. Each and every woman presented from their life’s experiences and shared things that you normally don’t hear in everyday seminars. Your own personal testimony in addition added to the afternoon. You certainly do have an amazing gift for interviewing and sharing professional and personal information. Definitely pursue that.

Laura Parke, 2015 Golden Mouse Honoree

Owner/Instructor, Private Scuba Lessons


Women in Ecommerce has local, virtual and global events for women at every stage of their professional development; complete with calendar listing dates and times of upcoming events, deadlines, conferences and awards.


Women in Ecommerce has the following publications for you to a) subscribe to b) write for. They include: WeCommerce News WE Magazine for Women The GET Series

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Are customers mouthing-off about your brand?

My sister recently visited a church that was new for her. She was so thrilled by their warm welcome and swag bag full of goodies that she couldn’t wait to call and share her experience. The gifts included a bible, coffee cup, sunglasses (this happened in the summer)...

13 Types of Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business

Internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools to deliver promotional marketing messages to a targeted audience.  Internet marketing encompasses a range of marketing tactics and strategies...

99 Resources: Video Tools

In a continuing series of resources Women in Ecommerce™ recommends, listed below are Nine Video Resources we have used, tested and approve. Most of these video tools have a free or trial version.  WE recommend you check them out for yourself to see which one will fit...

Web Article Prototypes: Article Content That will Keep Readers Coming Back for More

If you're at a loss as to what sorts of articles you can fill your site with, refer to these Eight Most Popular Web Article Content Writing Formats. Nearly all of these will work for the web because they're broken into informational bits and bytes. Any article that...

Yes, You CAN Plan and Publish 5 Articles in Half a Day

Now that you've published one article, it's time to publish five more. Articles that you share on a niche website should relate to one another. This way, you can create a little menu of topic-specific web pages that help readers drill down into the details of whatever...

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