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ABOUT Women in Ecommerce™

Thank you for your interest in Women in Ecommerce™. I am delighted to share a little bit about our organization which has been helping women do business on the web since 2001.

Women in Ecommerce is a registered Not for Profit organization (501c6). For the past twenty two+ years, Women in Ecommerce™ has been helping women do business on the web by providing educational events, seminars, webinars, conferences and teleclasses via our website and social media platforms. We have a diverse membership of women from all walks of life representing 56 countries worldwide.

The mission of Women in Ecommerce is to empower women with educational opportunities to enhance their businesses using the Internet and Social Media.

The concept for Women in Ecommerce was born when our founder, I attended a Technology Conference and Trade Show hosted by the Broward County (Florida) School System in 2001. Inspired by the passion of several other attendees and realizing the need for an organization that would be the center for women to learn all they could about ecommerce, I started creating the Master Plan for this resource and membership site.

About that same time, I was invited to attend and speak at The Annual Conference of the Connected International Meeting Professionals Association – CIMPA  that was taking place in Egypt in the fall of 2001. My topic, Networking in the Digital Age (this was before Facebook).

It was a life-changing event, where I had the privilege to speak and made connections with several of the female presenters and attendees and with their help, the original Board of Advisors was born.

One of the keynote speakers during that event, Linda Pereira, President and CEO of CPL Events in Lisbon, Portugal was instrumental in facilitating the coordination of the International Board. Her connections and knowledge of global protocol helped Women in Ecommerce become a truly diverse, global community of women eager to expand their influence and businesses in ways that prior to the internet were only possible with deep pockets and vast resources.

With our team of leaders, Women in Ecommerce™ became the original business and social networking community focusing on education and  business development for successful women who want to take their businesses to a new level offline and online. We offer tools, resources and networking opportunities to build a strong foundation for future growth and expansion.

Our original vision statement is still relevant today: “The voice of business, professional and executive women, we provide virtual and in-person opportunities for collaboration, networking, personal and professional development, increase prosperity, leadership and international recognition. We have our eyes and ears open for the latest trends in ecommerce and social media. Women in Ecommerce™ is the place where smart women hang out!”


“Women in Ecommerce is THE place to learn and grow with all my fellow web-mates. It’s a great place to network and gain insights into the latest trends.” Kris Reed ~ Rare Finds: Your Source for Art

More about Women in Ecommerce:


We host educational events that our audience can learn from and take the knowledge to implement in their businesses right away.


WE magazine for Women – a business and lifestyle blog and publication that recognizes ordinary women doing extraordinary things.

WECommerce News is our bi-monthly newsletter that showcases our new members, members in the news and latest resources.  Learn more about both here https://www.wecai.org/publications/


Our global award is the Who’s Who in Ecommerce . Each year, our publication, WE Magazine for Women recognizes 100+ women doing amazing things on the web.

We also host the Golden Mouse Award in South Florida each year and at our global conference – The WOW Summit in the spring a live, in-person event that recognizes women who are making a difference in their industries and communities.


We have hundreds of resources, including webinar replays, podcasts, digital downloadable educational courses, products and programs, Audio programs and more.

WE would be honored if you would JOIN US – Read about our membership benefits and features here: https://www.wecai.org/member-benefits/  Then check out our membership options here: https://www.wecai.org/join-us/

To your success… and then some,


Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder
Women in Ecommerce


“My sister turned me on to Women in Ecommerce (WECAI) and I’m very excited about being a member. The wire-side chats are really great. I look forward to networking with all of you. My e-retail store was just launched last week and I’m very excited about the future. I know WECAI will be a great resource for me as I hope to be for the membership.” Grace Canepa ~ Bliss Accents