Article Submission Guidelines

"Women's Wand Publishing"How to Get Published in Women in Ecommerce – on our Blog and/or Newsletter!

Having your work included in our publications and online is a great way to gain exposure to new people and markets. It can help you sell your information, products, services or other intellectual endeavors (such as workshops, seminars, and the like). Having your articles appear on our site can give you greater visibility, credibility and help you build your own promotional lists and maximize your exposure both online and offline.

Publishers and visitors interested in publishing articles by the authors listed with the Women in Ecommerce/WECAI and its subsidiaries must contact the author directly. Unless withheld, you will find contact information in the Signature File (resource box listed below the article). Authors and writers are invited to submit their articles to our libraries and our publications. Please read the submission guidelines listed below before submitting any content for inclusion.

How to Submit Your Article:  At this time we are not accepting unsolicited articles.  WE are currently only accepting sponsored posts.  Sponsored posts fees are $25 to $45 depending on number of links in article. All submissions that are accepted, must be paid in advance prior to publication.

In addition the words “sponsored post” is included at the end of each article and appears like this: note: This is a Sponsored Post – the author has requested this post be shared on WE magazine for Women and WE were compensated for sharing.

Article Title: Up to 150 characters. Article body: 500 to 1200 words (approximately).

Author Bio (to be submitted with the content at the end of your article: up to 50 words.

Topic Area: Please include the topic or subject area of your article. If the topic area is not suggested we reserve the right to post your submission to the topic area we feel most appropriate. If we cannot discern from your article which area is most suitable, your article stands a good chance of not being accepted.

Author Contact Information: Please include your contact information per our submission form above. Note: The only contact information we publish online and in our newsletters is the information you provide in the author bio section following your article.

By submitting an article to our blog, please note that you are giving us permission to contact you to confirm content and invite you to submit additional articles. If you do not want to be contacted by Women in Ecommerce, please do not submit content to our sites.

Copyright Information: We only accept articles written by the author or copyright holder. Women in Ecommerce adheres to all local, national and international copyright laws. By submitting an article to the one of our sites and/or publications you are granting permission for its use on the website in our resource library (articles), in our member resources area and/or in our magazine and newsletters. If the article is for inclusion to a specific area or for a specific purpose, please state as much when you make your submission. Contributing Authors retain all copyrights to their individual works.

Articles not written by submitter: We do not accept third-party articles except those submitted by publicists on behalf of their clients.

Payment: At this time we are not paying for article submissions of any kind.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that we will use your article in our publications or on our blog or web sites. Subscribers – In order to be considered a contributing author to any of our publications, you must be a subscriber. To subscribe, send a message to heidi (at) with “add me to your subscriber list” in the subject line.

We do not publish articles of any kind that are, slanderous, racist, of a pornographic nature or we consider in inappropriate to our audience.

In addition, when submitting articles, we reserve the right to use the article on our blog and/or in our bi-weekly newsletter. Should we use the article other than the blog, contributing author will be notified in advance

Note: We are not an article bank. While we welcome articles that have been repurposed from other content and sites, your chances of getting published on our site are greatly improved when the TitLE has been changed AND the article has been edited with at least a 25% change in the content.