"GET MORE BUSINESS"GET MORE BUSINESS ~ The Women’s eMarketing Guide to Promote Your Products and Services on the Internet

Contributing Authors: Heidi Richards Mooney (Publisher) and Jennine Rexon, Kathleen Gage, Anita Campbell, Dina Giolitto, Jim Barber, Laura Wheeler, Monique Rider, Joy Gendusa, JoAnn Hanes, Dr. Gayle Carson, Louisa, Bird, Bev Hilton, Bonnie Mackey, Lori Bergman, Cindy Greenway, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Susan Van Dorsten, Jan Barosh, Stephanie M. Cockerl, and Mariangie Gonzalez, members of the Women in Ecommerce™ (Women’s ECommerce Association, International), a FREE eBook is filled with priceless strategies and information to grow your business online and offline. With special thanks to Jay Berkowitz, Founder & CEO of Ten Golden Rules ~


“The internet is exploding. It is exploding among users, over 70% of Americans now use the internet and over 40% have high speed access. It is exploding for business. Over $150 Billion of retail transactions will be conducted on the internet in 2006 and over 120 Billion searches will be conducted. Unlike marketing in the past, when you are marketing your businesses on the internet you can target web searchers looking specifically for your goods and services, and you can utilize specific strategies to build a permission based business relationship with these visitors to your website. Heidi Richards, and the members of the Women’s eCommerce Association have written a great set of articles on the leading strategies and tactics for driving more traffic to your website, and converting those visits to leads or sales.”  Jay Berkowitz, Author – “Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing”

Inside the pages of this eBook you will find dozens of strategies to grow your business both online and offline. To show you what we mean, take a look at our Table of Contents:

Chapter One – Affiliate Marketing
The Three “P’s” of Affiliate Marketing: PARTNER, PROMOTE, Get PAID! By Heidi Richards
Are you Dating your Affiliate Network? By Jennine Rexon

Chapter Two – All about Ezines
Easy E-zines By Jim Barber

Chapter Three – Automation
Increase Profits through Marketing Automation By Kathleen Gage

Chapter Four – Blogging and RSS
Top Ten Trends in Business Blogs and RSS in 2006 By Anita Campbell

Chapter Five – Branding
The Art of Successful Branding By Dina Giolitto

Chapter Six – Creating and Promoting eBooks
Becoming an Infopreneur with EBooks By Monique Rider

Chapter Seven – Creating a Website from Scratch
Starting an Online Business on a Skinny Shoestring By Laura Wheeler

Chapter Eight – Direct Marketing
Direct Mail – Don’t Assume, Just Test and Track By Joy Gendusa

Chapter Nine – Ecommerce
Can You Really Make Money While You Sleep? By Kathleen Gage
How to Achieve eCommerce Success … it’s in the Planning By Heidi Richards

Chapter Ten – Goal Setting
Top 10 Keys to Improving Your Efficiency By Susan Van Dorsten

Chapter Eleven – Managing your lists
The Gold is in the Opt-in List By Kathleen Gage

Chapter Twelve – Marketing Tips
Using Feminine Strengths for More Successful Marketing By Louisa Bird

Chapter Thirteen – Media & Public Relations
Press Release and Media Basics By Bev Hilton

Chapter Fourteen – Netiquette
NETIQUETTE in Discussion Forums By Louisa Bird

Chapter Fifteen – Online Security and Fraud Prevention
Online Security By Bonnie Mackey
How to Avoid Online Fraud By Bonnie Mackey

Chapter Sixteen – Postcard Marketing
Internet Marketing with Postcards By Joy Gendusa

Chapter Seventeen – Search Engine Optimization
How to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly By Stephanie M. Cockerl

Nine Strategies for Finding and Successfully Partnering with an Experienced SEO Copywriter By Heather Lloyd-Martin

Chapter Eighteen – Shipping and Packaging
The Outside Of The Box Is As Important As What Is Inside By JoAnn Hines

Chapter Nineteen – Online Communities
Starting an Online Community By Gayle Carson

Chapter Twenty – Mastermind Groups
Create a Mastermind Group for eSavvy Businesswomen and SOAR By Lori Bergman

Chapter Twenty-One – Surveys
A Penny for Her Thoughts – Using Online Surveys to Get Inside Your Customers’ Minds By Heidi Richards

Chapter Twenty-Two -Teleclasses
Expand Your Business with Teleclasses By Jan Barosh

Chapter Twenty-Three Virtual Assistance
How to Have a Successful Relationship with a Virtual Assistant (VA) By Cindy Greenway

Chapter Twenty-Four – Virtual Networking
Virtual Networking – 7 Ideas for Making Connections Online and Develop a Loyal Following By Heidi Richards

Chapter Twenty-Five – Writing for Dollars
How to Write Articles to Promote Your Business, Even if You’re not a Writer By Mariangie Gonzalez

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