Having all the content you need at your disposal to create blog posts, ebooks, courses, videos, webinars, presentations and more. Content that you can use to increase your internet presence, your business and your expertise, easily accessible at a fraction of the cost of hiring a copywriter.    

Some of the benefits of using done-for-you (private label rights) content include:

Minimal investment to get started

Content can be setup to run on auto-pilot

You can create products out of plr including courses, audio/digital/print books, video content, PowerPoint presentations, and even a seminar.

You can bundle products

You can setup your own affiliate program

Here are Eight Ways you can Profit from Private Label Rights:

  1. Create your own unique products that you control. Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to do is use the manuscripts to create your own information products to sell online. You can compile them into eBooks, create a membership site, record them as audio products, sell them on CDs, as printed manuals or even use them to start a new coaching club! You can create as many different products as you want from the information, literally an unlimited number!
  2. Build an affiliate program and setup joint ventures. Yes, you can offer an affiliate program for your new products and get hundreds, even thousands of other people promoting your products for you! There are no restrictions against getting affiliates and joint ventures to promote your new products!
  3. Sell resale rights and master resale rights to your products. Want to make even more money from the products you create with this package? You can offer resale rights and master resale rights to the products you create for premium prices! If you sell a product that you create from this content for $27.00, then you might want to offer resale rights for $97.00 and master resale rights for $197 or more! (NOTE: And that’s just from ONE product you create with this package… you can create as many as you want!)
  4. Promote your favorite affiliate programs in the content. Since the content is yours to do with as you want, you can promote any kind of additional offer inside the content. Insert links to your favorite affiliate programs, your other products, your website, your lists … insert any kind of offer you want inside your products to make you even more money! It’s all permitted with this package.
  5. Extract information to create mini-courses. You can extract portions of the content to create mini-courses to give away as lead generators to build your list! Think about this: you create a short, 5-lesson eCourse from the content and load it to an autoresponder. Then, you promote the free eCourse to get subscribers to join … and the eCourse promotes a product you created with this package! You can create your own marketing materials from part of the content to be used to promote the products you develop from the remainder of the content!
  6. Launch a viral eBook and even sell customization rights. You may want to also take a small portion of the content to create a “viral eBook”. Give the eBook away for free to promote your products … and allow anyone who grabs a copy of it to give it away to their contacts, creating a viral traffic stampede at your site! By offering people the right to customize (or “brand”) the viral eBook with an affiliate link to your new product, you’ll have the perfect incentive to get folks passing it on to their lists and website visitors! (HINT: You can even charge $19.95 or more for the right to customize the eBook if you want to!)
  7. Use part of the information as ezine articles. Want a lot of free publicity for your new products? You can copy some of the content and create your own ezine articles (AKA”newsletter” articles) and allow editors to publish the articles in their ezines. Use your resource box at the close of the article to promote your new product site! You can *literally* use 500-750 words of the content as an article and get your site promoted to hundreds of thousands of subscribers … for free!
  8. Use some of the content as bonuses for any offer. Don’t stop with just creating products themselves with the information in this package, you can also create BONUSES to offer as incentives! Offer the bonuses for anyone buying your products, offer the bonuses to get people to join one of your lists, offer the bonuses to anyone buying an affiliate offer … use these bonuses as incentives to get people to buy something that you make money from!  

Here are just a few of the many things you can do with your PLR products:

You can sell your product and keep 100% of the profits
You can sell Resell Rights to your customers and generate even more income
You can put your name on the content as the author!
You can re-name and/or re-brand this product to suit your needs
You can enlist the help of affiliates to promote your product and build your list
You can set up joint ventures and promotional opportunities with other marketers
You can create FREE reports and give them away for quality lead generation
Offer the product as an upsell or backend offer for an existing product  
Use the content as training materials
And much, much more!

Bottom Line: You can do whatever you want with the content.

Unless noted on individual products, there are NO restrictions.

This entire Private Label Rights library is available to Members of Women in Ecommerce. However, you can sample 12 of our done for you articles for FREE here:

Did you know? Members of Women in Ecommerce have access to hundreds of done for you private label rights products. And we have added even more! 10 New eBooks just added which you can break up into articles or publish as a full book and a video tutorial called PLR Money to help you get started.  

To learn more about our PLR Library visit:

There are many online resources for done for you content. My advice: download some of their “free” stuff before purchasing. This way you can check the quality and make sure it meets your standards.  

Tip: to make sure your PLR content stands out from the rest, be sure and rewrite it before you add your name as the author/publisher.  You can use an article spinner to get started. If you do, I strongly suggest you check the spinned grammar as they may need work to be acceptable to Google and more important, your readers.

Wishing you much success as you find and add new content to your library, your blog, your resources…