Resource of the week: QUOZIO

Have you ever wondered how the people you follow on social media find all those great graphics they share? Do you struggle with graphics because you either do not know how to make your own or don’t have the resources to hire someone to do it for you? Well look no further!

You can create your own simple quote graphics with quozio a free online too – no download, just create a share. What I love about quozio is there are several templates (backgrounds) and typestyles you can use to create simple visual word graphics. Use them to share quotes, testimonials, book excerpts and more on your social media channels.

Did you know, posts with graphics are 10 to 500 times more likely to be shared than those without.

People can use these on Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus – anywhere that graphics can enhance the online conversation.

Comes with a variety of templates to get your quote on… in this video I show you how to create your own cool quote graphics using Quozio and then share it on social media. Want to increase your social media likes and shares! Create quote graphics like this!

They are also great to create text graphics to use for your blog (people who read blogs spend more time on those with graphics compared to those with only text). And the best part? Its FREE! You don’t have to pay for the right to use the graphic because its your own.

Check it out today at and start enhancing your posts with graphics!