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How to Properly Use Article Marketing to Promote Your Affiliate Business By Carol Palmatier

Articles are one of the most abundant and readily available forms of information online. When article marketing is properly utilized, your articles can be your most valuable form of advertising. Continuous and never ending distribution ensures that your articles will be seen for a very long time through a variety of publishers. Wide reach and deep submission techniques generate relevant backlinks that are sure to increase your affiliate sales.

Article marketing allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic at hand. When your topic is thoroughly researched and well written, readers know you know what you’re talking about. As an affiliate marketer, you need that trust and confidence to build your downline.

Read Materials Thoroughly

The newsletters and updates your affiliate partners e-mail you provide valuable information about products or services they provide. They often offer great suggestions about promotions. They’ll also include suggested banners or links you may use to help promote through your affiliate link. Make the most of the materials they send by reading them thoroughly and putting their suggestions to work.

Professional internet marketing researchers pour hours of research into the reports and material e-mailed to affiliate partners. Their recommendations for links and banner placement have been thoroughly researched and will give you the clicks and conversions you need. Write articles that relay important information about the product, service or company and include your landing page link in the author resource box.

Promote Affiliate Specials and Milestones

Affiliate partners send memos and notices when they are running a special or when they reach certain milestones. Article marketing allows you to write articles disclosing these events to the rest of the world. Of course, you would include your link and an open invitation to click on it in your author resource box. The continuous and never ending distribution offered by properly orchestrated article marketing campaigns ensures a wide and deep reach.

Affiliate specials and milestones give the rest of the affiliate marketing world a reason to celebrate. Websites offering affiliate programs have been around for several years. Their success is a great inspiration to other programs that may be just getting off the ground. Make the most of your article marketing campaign by helping promote your affiliate partners’ specials and milestones as well as their products and services.

Write Informational Articles Promoting Your Affiliates

No one likes spam. Don’t write articles full of spam and expect them to be distributed by top article submission sites. You may squeeze them into free article directories simply because all they want is content. Unfortunately they don’t care about the relevancy of your backlinks or your search engine placement. They simply want your content.

Articles properly used for your article marketing campaign should be informational pieces. Use your time wisely and research your topic before you start typing. Articles are generally considered spam if they are overstuffed with keywords or self-serving to a certain business or product. Your readers don’t want to see how much money you’ll make if they click a link. They want to read great information about solving a problem they have.

About the Author: Carol Palmatier is Vice President of Marketing for Article Marketer and a “Word of Mouth” marketing expert.


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