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One of the most successful things we do on our sister blog WE Magazine for Women is invite women to share their story and showcase their expertise. We do that by interviewing them through an easy to participate system. WE created the system to make it simple for us to post these interview style articles through our well-thought out and designed questionnaire templates. They are broken down into a four categories so the interviewee can choose the one that best fits her situation. They include Women in Business, Women on the Move, Women in Public Service, Women on a Mission, and our newest addition: Women in Healthcare.  You can see the list in our GET FEATURED SECTION.

What if you are not a magazine writer or blogger? You can still interview thought-leaders and experts in your industry or parallel industries that your readers are interested in knowing more about.

Why would you interview others on YOUR BLOG when YOU ARE positioning yourself as THE EXPERT?  For a number of reasons, including:

  • Getting more traffic to your blog by introducing it to those people you wish to interview.
  • Showing you are open to promoting others
  • Making money (if the person you interview has a product or service to sell and you are an affiliate, you can promote it and make money – and in fact, these are generally the people who WANT to be featured on other blogs).
  • You create a new type of content that your readers can look forward to.
  • Interview posts are often more widely shared on social media

To help you get started, I have created an email template you can send to invite potential experts to be interviewed on your blog. You can use it to create your own email invitation as is or edit to suit your needs.  It is a simple straight-forward interview template I have used for years to invite thousands of women to be interviewed.  And if you create a post on your blog that people can find and “invite themselves” it will cut out a lot of work on your part.  Add some criteria like we have done on WE Magazine for women and the vast majority of submissions will be good to use as is!

You can download the template as a .docx or pdf. Click on the titles below to download (no optin)



And if you would like to be interviewed or interview one of our members, be sure and drop me a line!

Wishing you much success in your future blogging efforts! May you find and share great information and resources your readers will love and pass on to others.