In our ongoing series on mobile marketing, women in Ecommerce™ found this article By Kelvin Wilson that will help you decide if mobile marketing is right for your business.

If you have ever received an advertisement in your mobile phone, then mobile marketing has now touched you. The potential for this new marketing channel is enormous the rapid spread of the mobile phone within the last ten years is proof of that. The market penetration of the mobile cell phone is particularly strong in Asia. As Asian consumers rapidly gain clout, starting the marketing conversation and keeping it going is priority one.

Mobile Marketing

But let’s consider the attitudes and usage patterns of Asia’s mobile users? In 2005, Synovate conducted research to learn exactly what the mobile generation feels about their lives, marketing, brands, and above all, their mobile phone. The things they found ought to be enlightening for Asia’s brand managers and marketers in 2006.

Don’t leaving home without your phone:

American Express gained fame with the slogan, “don’t leave home without it“. That may have been ringing true 20 years ago, the sentiment now applies more to mobile phones than to charge cards or wallets.

For a report titled Me, Myself and My Mobile, Synovate studied two very different markets – Korea and Australia – to gauge people’s perceptions of their mobile phones. Participants indicated that they were more likely to feel discomfort and inconvenience if they lost or forgot their mobile phone, than if they lost their wallet.

In both countries, mobile phone users regard their phones as extensions of their own body, and therefore subject to the rules of personal space that might govern face-to-face contact. Brand marketers are welcome for a conversation, but they had better pay close attention to the rules. “Marketers must recognise the role that mobile phones play in the lives of consumers and recognise the need for permission to engage consumers through this medium,” says Dean Harris, Managing Director of Synovate’s Sydney office.

According to the report, there are three important elements in how cell phone consumers communicate using the messages on their cell phones. First, communications are seen as being a personalised kind of contact and regarded as just for me. 2nd, the majority of participants felt the necessity to act on a message right away. Lastly, mobile marketing and advertising allows customers to communicate with a advertising campaign instantly

That mixture of attitudes and factors means internet marketers are given an effective tool, when the information is applicable for the consumer. This is actually the main element therefore far it would appear that marketing experts have failed to capitalise on this. Marketers appear to be resorting to old world broadcast methods to mobile phone marketing and advertising. It seems like marketers have yet to make that mental move from cell phones as a one way channel to mobile phones as a system for dialogue that produces much deeper, richer brand name encounters.

The Korean market is the most sophisticated when it comes to content rich applications as well as 3G services. It’s also the most advanced when it comes to mobile marketing and advertising. Nevertheless, Korean respondents indicated their discomfort with unrequested and unwanted mail messages – and dissatisfaction with companies that send them. This does not mean that customers want to prevent all transmission with brands and also companies. In fact, Korean customers desired messages that are info centered and useful.

Although less developed compared to Korean telecom market, study outcomes from Australia show a similar range of perceptions. Australians do expect mobile marketing and advertising to pick up in the near future as mobile technological innovation and services enhance, but they just wish to engage brands of their choosing.

Mobile marketing is five time’s bigger than the world wide web 1.7 billion computers user’s over five billion cell phone users. And you can advertise right on their cell phone’s and earn $ wkly!!!

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