Meet Danna McDonald

Danna McDonald is a Real Estate Broker MAPS Coach for agents and businesses at Keller Williams International

Professional Real Estate agent, Danna McDonald, brings enthusiasm and expertise to the real estate industry, which results in financial benefits for her clients. Danna works as a Real Estate Broker-Associate establishing clients for life by providing superior service and sharing her extensive knowledge of the South Florida Real Estate market. Danna has achieved the prestigious ranking of being in the Top 1% and 2% in North America 25 times based on number of homes sold over her 30+ years as an agent. Danna has sold over 2,900 properties in the South Florida area.

Danna has three main objectives for her real estate clients: To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into the seller’s home until it is sold; To communicate with the Seller weekly, the results of her activities in marketing their home; To assist the Seller in negotiating the highest dollar value that a Buyer will pay in today’s market.

Furthermore, Danna brings 18+ years of business coaching experience and has personally conducted 39,000+ coaching calls. She coaches and trains real estate agents and business people how build their businesses by utilizing pro-active methods to create a profitable, duplicateable, and predictable business. Bottom line – she helps clients get RESULTS!

Danna’s motto is “We create results, we don’t wait for them”. Contact Danna by texting message to 954-609-1203 or send email to

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