Meet Denise Michaels, Ghostwriter, Book Coach

Since Denise Michaels was a little girl she loved writing. From school newspapers to college Journalism to her first job in ad and PR copywriting, writing’s all she wanted to do. It’s why she loves ghostwriting and being a book coach. For 7.5-years she worked as a marketing and book trainer/coach for NY Times #1 mega-bestselling authors Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen. Their manuscripts came to her before being sent to major publishers. Mentored personally by an author with six NYTimes bestsellers.

Clients and friends say Denise is inspiring, enthusiastic, bold and confident. She supports you through authoring your non-fiction book with creativity, knowledge and kindness It’s about writing a book that’s emotionally compelling, creates know, like and trust and positions you as expert or authority.

► Did you start a book and get stuck? Over 78% of aspiring authors get stuck and never finish. Consider the opportunities you’re missing – not having your book out there creating buzz. With Denise as your ghostwriter you focus on your business and enjoy your weekends as I write.

Denise says:  “I’ve known people who spent a whopping $100,000 to $375,000 to make their book a bestseller. Before spending big dollars on your book, contact me. I’ll help you go from concept – to published book.

My book, “Testosterone-free Marketing” became a business bestseller, selling in 16 countries. Its success was due to how it was written and a solid marketing plan. (I’ve ghost-written many successful books and will help you author your book.)”

★ If authoring a book is a great way to establish yourself as a go-to expert, Denise Micheals can help. CEOs, consultants, speakers, therapists, doctors and coaches are ideal. Author your book, get speaking engagements, media exposure and more business. Connect with her and  schedule a complimentary getting-to-know you meeting.

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