Meet Zenobia Bailey – Lifetime Member

Meet Health and Wellness Coach & Educator, Zenobia Bailey – our newest Lifetime Member

In her own words:

":Zenobia Bailey - Health and Wellness 2019"“I think of myself as one who is passionate about and grateful for life; approaching all I do with excellence and persistence. Consequently, I strive to motivate and assist others to do the same, based on their defined goals. I also enjoy helping others to see the upside of achieving better health and wellness, as it truly impacts everything we are and do. In terms of interests, I have many and they evolve from time to time. Trafficking and homelessness of our school aged children are two that continue to grab my heart and soul, year after year.”  


[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”In a world of mounting demands and stress, my LOVE for the waterways and mountains obliges me to the state of Washington, which abounds with both. Time and again they prove to be a medicinal retreat.” Zenobia Bailey[/tweet_box]


“While I am a retired instructor, from all levels of education, I have definitely not retired from learning. It is a life-long pursuit; one that finds me regularly enrolled in various courses and seminars to enhance my business and nutrition acumen.”

In the words of others:

    If you are seeking to live a successful, productive, and meaningful life, then you must hire Zenobia as your life and wellness coach. In addition to becoming a better me, I have excelled as a wife, mother, and professor since I started her program. I was a woman who thought I had it all together, but after I started Zenobia’s program, my life elevated in ways you would not imagine. Through her coaching, I was able to identify and reach my goals, even though at the time my goals did not seem realistic to me. She had a way of making me realize that I can accomplish anything and have whatever it is in life that I want.   M. B.

   I highly recommend Zenobia as a coach. I have known her for many years and she is definitely a results-oriented problem solver. She will motivate you to pursue your dreams and ambitions and will help you to attain them. She is also a nutrition expert and will show you how good nutrition will increase your productivity. She is also a good listener, which is an asset because this will enable her to zero in on your personal goals and suggest other goals you might not have considered. I could go on and on but I suggest you give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.” Y.S.

    Zenobia is kind, helpful, positive and friendly. She gave me great ideas to help me move forward with identifying and reaching my goals.    B. B.

    “She has an innate ability to hone in on an individual’s and suggest a plausible course of action.  She adds indefatigable patience and discernment, a dash of humor, and a wallop of enthusiasm to the mix and voila–the advice seeker begins to see a path to follow and light at the end of the tunnel. Zenobia does her work evenhandedly, and makes certain that the seeker knows that she or he is an active participant in this paradigm shift. What a gift it is to have the skills to help someone chart a second or third act in life. It’s exactly what she did for me.”    J. T.

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