How to Use Social Influence to SWAY Clients Your Way

Welcome to tomorrow. Why, tomorrow when it’s still obviously today? Well, today is not only a temporal measurement, it is also a set of ideas, a group of culturally accepted norms, a way of doing business and a way of looking at the world. Taken together, this collective zeitgeist represents opportunity in the form of greater connectivity to a wider audience that has the potential to yield increased profits and greater success. The problem is that this group of norms and practices is constantly changing.


social-media-influenceIn the past, these changes occurred slowly. An average business owner, like you, had the time to pick up on these changes, digest them and incorporate them into a cogent business plan.  Today however, technology and the changes it brings have conspired to greatly accelerate this rate of change. As a result, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the trends and practices that can mean so much to your continued business success. Luckily, there is a solution.
Over the past several years, social media have become an integral part of all of our lives. They are how we connect, share, rate, meet and sometimes judge each other. They also provide us with a never ending stream of new information in the form of posts, tweets, photos and videos. How much information? Well, the statistics just might stagger you.

If you are eager to learn more, we have a brand new member resource! It is a new Report called SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE How to Use Social Influence to SWAY Clients Your Way.” In it we  discuss a dozen, or so, different aspects of social media influence. Here is what’s covered:


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What is Social Influence?


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How to Use Social Media to Influence Your Audience


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Why Social Media Influence is Important


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Your Buyers Live, Decide and Purchase Online


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Tips on How to Build YOUR Social Influence



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How to Measure Your Social Influence


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And more!


Here’s a brief Excerpt: 


Key Takeaways from section four…

  • You have to precede carefully in order to build effective social media influence;

  • Make sure that you have a clear message before you begin building social media influence;

  • Don’t make the mistake of talking on social
    media before you define your message;

  • Once you have defined your message make sure you stay on point and stick to your talking points;

  • Your social media efforts are an integral part of your overall marketing strategy;

  • Use social media to amplify the reach of your pre-existing message, not to broadcast an entirely different message;

  • Engage your audience by demonstrating your expertise;

  • Talk to your audience, but do not converse with them;

  • Let the value of the content in your message do the communicating.

The Internet allows people to connect with businesses with the click of a mouse. Social media users are interested in finding influencers to connect with, learn from and grow their own influence.

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