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Great concept and site. You have so much packed in here; it’s hard to leave. As always, the networking “goddess” does it again. I’m so glad to be a part of your many organizations since meeting you almost 15 years ago! In fact, I joined at the Global Lifetime Level before it was no longer offered!  Bonnie Mackey ~ Levin, Silvey, Zelko & Mackey, Co., PA

I looking forward to using this site to help me prosper in my new business. There is some wonderful information on this site. Thank You! Lisa A Johnson ~ Sacha Cosmetics

I love this idea and am proud to be invited to join this network. Empowering people is so energizing and we all have so much to share and learn from each other, Lovely idea and awesome platform. I am based in Zurich but feel free to say hello from anywhere in the world! My business is Luxury real estate and the most successful people in this business, worldwide, are women! Let us continue to build this network! I am right behind you! Maryan Barnard ~ Your Home International

Thank you for all the great information and inspiration. Ruth Bradford ~ Diet cookie Team

I am so thrilled to find this website after two long days of searching. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. ONWARD! Jessica Iab

What a wonderful idea! I am looking forward to many years of success with WECAI. As a relationship coach with The Success Studio I ’empower women to meet & marry wonderful men’. If that makes you curious, please visit our website to find out more! Angela Paton ~ the success Studio

Heidi, I finally had the chance to read your newsletter and decided to visit your site. I must say, I am impressed with all you are doing. We must find a way to collaborate. Like you, I believe the best way to learn and grow is through creating ongoing partnerships and relationships with others, especially women. Thanks for all you do! Marie Daley ~ the Edge

Dear Ms. Richards, Thank you for the warm welcome. I have just received your email and can contribute a great deal I have a ebook website in addition to working at home and medical billing. I have a work at home ebook also.  I am a work at home mom. Look forward to contributing to WECAI – thanks for the opportunity.” Eugenia Bivines, Wholesale Jewelry Connection

Heidi, I love getting the WECAI newsletter and reading about all the members’ successes.  I would love to be featured in a future issue, so please send me the questionnaire!” Mindy Gibbins-Klein – The Book Midwife

“I am happy to find this network and be able to introduce myself to other women in business. As a motivational/ inspirational speaker and author our seminars and workshops are custom designed to meet organizational goals and community and individual needs with an emphasis on Work/Life Balance. Charmaine Augustin

What a wonderful site!!!. I never knew you existed.. Kathy Brown ~ Kat’s Designs


Women in Ecommerce is THE place to learn and grow with all my fellow web-mates. It’s a great place to network and gain insights into the latest trends. Kris Reed ~ Rare Finds: Your Source for Art

Hi – thank you for putting this out there – there are many wonderful opportunities that need to be shared so that people can take advantage of them – thank you! Diana Ewald ~ Opening Doors to Heal

I love to sit here and read on your site. A lot of great learning info.  Renee Brown ~ Womens Avenue

Dear Heidi, Thanks for finding me and inviting me into your organization.  Through your organization I look forward to all the cooperation, advice and assistance your site has to offer! Regards, Peggy Kligma ~ Pandoshus, LLC

What a great site! Thanks for including me in the launch! I am looking forward to being a member, networking and establishing my own website. Thanks! Dora Shapiro

I found your site through iVillage. You’ve got some great resources. Thanks! Angela Orrico ~ I-dentified.com

Heidi, I can only echo all previous postings. What an absolutely marvellous media you have provided for Women in the Business world. Excellent. Good wishes, Valerie E. Corbett ~ Bridal Calligraphy

My hats off to all the women on this site and in business! Women in business are very powerful! Constance Mueller ~ Quantum Seminars

A terrific site for women to learn new business resources. Pleasure to visit. Keep up the “great” work! Sheila Easley ~ Gatlinburg Real Estate

Hello Heidi! What a great resource portal! I look forward to networking and learning with you! Ava ~ AvaHosting

This is a great resource for women starting their own businesses! Kathryn McDonald ~ Morgan Stanley

Heidi, I am looking forward to becoming a member. You are doing such a great job with WECAI! Sara ~ Timeless Avatar Press

I enjoyed coming across your site very much. A pleasure to view. Paula Nachman Richmond Real Estate

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, and share tricks of the trade for women in business. I’ll be checking back, and benefitting much from this site. Kay Moretz, Author

Thank you for this great opportunity to work together! Christine Miserandino ~ But You Don’t Look Sick eMagazine

Greetings! I am so excited to be a part of this community. When I first started my bath and body care product business I didn’t think that it would be so well received, or that I would be in business this long. But great perseverance and supportive people have really helped the business thrive. This is one reason why I look forward to networking with all of you. We all have great things to bring to the table. Let’s share! Deloris Snoddy ~ The DC Fragrance Center

I’ve been operating in the “e-world for some time now and the majority of highly successful internet marketers (that we hear about) seem to be men. They form highly lucrative partnerships and joint ventures all the time. It’s time for women to have a place where they can meet other women small business owners who are succeeding on the web, so they can form the same kind of successful partnerships and get the brainstorming and support they need. Thanks for starting this! Janis Pettit ~ SmarTrack Small Business Growth Consulting

I am glad that this organization exists. It provides women with an opportunity to network, and to build relationships. Let’s continue to build and to grow. Antoinette M. Wooten, Esq.

I am proud that there are women out there who are empowered to take charge and make choices for themselves and their families. Balance is key, and having the wellness and integrity with great skills spell success to me. You go girls!!! Charmaine Augustin ~ CYA Consulting

What a wonderful idea and vision for connecting women owned businesses on the Web; women are reclaiming their power to change not only their personal reality but planetary reality as well everywhere. Women secretaries, purchasing agents, business owners can join in this vision of empowering other women doing business on the web! I particularly like the idea of giving basic listing free, so all start-ups and employees can join. Plan to explore more later. Congratulations! Susmita Barue ~ Seek2know Holistic Services

Hello all! I am excited about being a member here and all that this organization has to offer. Thanks! Wendy Maynard ~ Marketing Maven

Hi Heidi: Thanks for all you do to help women, you are an amazing women and I am so excited about the launching of the South Florida Chapter. The WECAI fits right in line with my Mary Kay business — “enriching women’s lives” and I look forward to meeting some awesome women and building lasting friendships. Lynda Siegel ~ Mary Kay

I am impressed with this organization and hope to learn many things in the future.. Peace and light, Michelle Tamiko Hardy, PhD Business Management Leadership

Hi Heidi! I want to thank you for inviting me to joing the association. For sure, i’ll be part of this project. Hope to learn from you, and from all these womans. Regards to you. Roxana Freynkel ~ Mercosurtexil

My sister turned me on to WECAI and I’m very excited about being a member. The wire-side chats are really great. I look forward to networking with all of you. My e-retail store was just launched last week and I’m very excited about the future. I know WECAI will be a great resource for me as I hope to be for the membership. Grace Canepa ~ Bliss Accents

Great site, what a great group of ladies. I look forward to meeting others in the group.  Heidi Caswell ~ Connect Simply

I’m glad to be a new member of Women in Ecommerce! I have already received so much value from just joining!  Sharon Case ~ Classic Carpet Cleaning

I am so glad that I was referred to this business community through Monique Riders website. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you on a more personal as well as business level and to forming valuable alliances! Scharlene Redway ~ Redway & Associates

What a great business ecommerce resource for women! I am in the process of developing a new ecommerce web site business so this info and resource is very timely. Thanks for all of your great work supporting WOMEN in business. Regards, Valerie Hart ~ ValeriehartDesign.com

Thanks for inviting me to join Heidi. What a great resource! Sherry Frewerd ~ Sherry Frewerd Marketing

This is an excellent site to meet others and learn about the best ways to market and do business with a global perpective. Shanelle Cody ~ Perfect Parties 4 Children Literacy

Thank you the invitation and the opportunity of been part of WECAI. It is an honor to be here. I hope to meet a lot of new friends, learn and share our experiences. Many blessings for all, Millie Godreau GodVela’s Gift Shop

Hello – Thank you for inviting me to join this wonderful website. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. Much Success To You All!!! Kristen Cisco ~ Kandie Kisses

Hi Heidi, Thanks for inviting me to join you network. I really do feel that it is critical that we, as women entrepreneurs, not only support one another but UPLIFT & INSPIRE one another as well. I love what you are doing and envision great success for you as well as an abundance of opportunities for us to collaborate. Felicia Davis ~ WomenCEO Network

I am so enjoying your Website with its positive, far-reaching energy and amazing possibilities. The best of luck in your efforts and much success to you and all of us that join…because there is a YOU! Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of this. You are also providing a great service for our World as my extensive work for a new legal paradigm, Pro Per, that has integrity for the Truth, Justice, Freedom — vital for Business Women everywhere! Cheers, Shirlee D. LaSpina ~ Ex Wife’s P.O.W.E.R. Ink

I want to thank Heidi Richards for inviting me to join WECAI. I believe this is an amazing opportunity for women to support each other, on a personal level, as well as professionally. Heidi, I am honored to be part of your organization and I foresee great success for you and all your members. To our success, Romy Macias ~ Living Success

“Dear Ms. Richards, Thank you for the warm welcome. I have just received your email and can contribute a great deal I have a ebook website in addition to working at home and medical billing. I have a work at home ebook also.  I am a work at home mom. Look forward to contributing to WECAI – thanks for the opportunity.” Eugenia Bivines, Wholesale Jewelry Connection

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