Event Testimonials

Here are just a few comments from women who have attended our events. If you have attended an event hosted by Women in Ecommerce and would like to offer a testimonial, please drop us a line at News (at) wecai.org with “EVENT TESTIMONIAL” in the subject line. Thanks!

"Women in Ecommerce Testimonials"


“Thank you for inviting me to the Women in Ecommerce event!  I met some great women…. I really enjoyed Maria’s presentation and will review her information to pick up tips I might have missed.  I had attended another webinar on social media that was very informative but Maria’s was packed with more industry specific information and you can tell she has been doing this a long time.  Lastly, I got a pokemon to store digital business cards.  I just love new technology and can’t wait to show it off to people. Looking forward to more involvement in WECAI.” Freda Schmitt

“Hi Heidi!I’m enjoying all of your wonderful emails so much. My first meeting was a winner — very impressive. Good work, Founder! Thought I’d just jump right up to the Platinum level right off the bat; why waste time? What a lovely, assertive group of ambitious and accommodating entrepreneurs. Look like a win, win, win situation to me!” Very truly yours, Dr. Virginia Crist, LMFT

“Heidi, I am so glad I stayed in touch over the years. Because timing is everything. Finally starting my own online business has been a challenge and a blessing.  And I have WECAI to thank for helping me through the ‘challenging times.’ I am so happy to be able to call upon your team of experts and all the resources you have to help me make my business a success. Thank you for all you do for women online. Looking forward to the next meeting. I know it will be just what I need to succeed in 2013!” warmly, Karen Ritchie – Cookies, Cakes and More

“I attended yesterday’s event with Riki. Your meeting was very informative and I am glad that Riki asked me to join her. I got some excellent ideas from Mande’s speech too. Looking forward to attending future events.” Best regards, Beth Jarvis, Executive Administrator for Richard Hopper – DEFINITIVE RESOURCES – Your Virtual Back Office

“Thanks for all you time and work putting the event on last night…It was top quality and I got a lot out of it…thanks for making it so nice!” Cheers, Tracy Mannikko, Cruise Planners

I had a wonderful time at the event yesterday. I hope I can join you again. I went online and signed up for the Silver Level membership. I think this is a great way to get people involved and let them try it out before making a monetary commitment. You have a great model for getting people involved. All the best, Yveatte Rothermel ~ PM Perspectives

Heidi — Thanks so much for inviting me on to today’s tele-class. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy to provide the link to my e-zine subscribers… Thanks again,” Nancy Michaels, Impression Impact
Hey Heidi– Wanted to say “Thanks!” again for the opportunity to be a guest on your program. You’re a great host and make the whole process very easy..;) Warmly, Donna L. Gunter, M.Ed., Online Biz Resource Queen and Coach
Dear Heidi, Hello and thank you so much for the opportunity today. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity and already have a new sign-up for my email list! Thank you and continued success,Karen Talavera, Principal – Synchronisity Marketing
“The eWednesday Chat yesterday through WECAI Network (dba Women in Ecommerce) was SO GREAT! You are just something else…the gifts you provide for your members are TREMENDOUS. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops about how great the Women in Ecommerce is. I know that you have more in store so I can’t wait to see what else is unveiled.” Teresa Morrow, Key Business Services
Hi Heidi, Just a quick note to thank you again for the opportunity to share my experience with the small business community. I really love the Verbal Networking conferences and I plan on attending as many events as I can make time for. Really terrific people and lots of great interaction–keep up the great work! All the best,Angel Brown www.womens-business-gallery.com
Heidi, your event was beyond magnificent. I was overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of information and ideas. Each and every woman presented from their life’s experiences and shared things that you normally don’t hear in everyday seminars. Your own personal testimony in addition added to the afternoon. You certainly do have an amazing gift for interviewing and sharing professional and personal information. Definitely pursue that.” Laura Parke, Private Scuba Lessons – http://www.PrivateScubaLessons.com
“Dear Heidi, …Really look forward to listening to the summit in whole. It’s was overwhelming listening to Loral and Charlotte, I’m really bursting with ideas on how to proceed… You have done a great thing putting this summit together and I want to thank you. I’m so pleased being a member of WECAI, this Summit has helped me to think on a new level.” Agustina Thorgilsson, Life-Navigation – http://www.lifenavigation.com (ICELAND)
It was a real pleasure to speak at the Woman’s Wealth Summit. Heidi is a fabulous interviewer who engages the audience and asks questions that get to the heart of the matter. She made everything easy and flow smoothly for all of us. I’d speak at her events anytime!” Christina Gage, http://www.ChristinaGage.com
“Heidi is an excellent interviewer of guests and includes all participants. I was a little concerned about the number of hours scheduled for the conference, however I found that with the conference call mute feature, a cell phone for outside and portable phones in my home, I was able to take care of a myriad of responsibilities including looking after my husband, and going to the store, all in the first few hours of the Summit. During that time I was, almost completely, fully present on the calls. I took some notes AND participated, asking questions. Thank you Heidi, Suzannah and all the guests and participants.” Sheila Finkelstein, eTeletours – http://www.eteletours.com
I want to thank you for an eye opening day for me. To me it feels like an turnaround point -I gained a different and richer aspect thanks to you! This is awesome!! Once again, all your hard work has paid off. I am so glad I attended. You are an incredible visionary.Lori Bergman
Heidi, Thank you for having me on the call today – I really enjoyed doing the call and answering questions. Kudos to you for putting together this event – it takes a lot of work, dedication and effort to do that! Biana Babinsky, Presenter
Heidi – the Saturday show was AMAZING. I can’t plug you enough to enough people. Mary Clare Hunt, Author “In Women We Trust”
The Saturday sessions today were great and I will certainly pass the word on to some of my friends. Becky Sayler
“Thank you so much for the ENORMOUS amount of GREAT AWESOME info that you provided for the summit and even here in this email. You always are coming up with so much info to help the members….you are SO GREAT!!!!! I LOVE the WECAI Network! Teresa Morrow, Business Director – Morr Services, Inc.
“Dear Heidi, I didn’t get to all the sessions, but got to enough to more than get my money’s worth….as you can tell from my blog – the whole blogging and ethics thing was really, really interesting – I suspect women take this ethics and blogging even more seriously than men do… I really like the “panel” format – in all the seminars I go to – that interaction is inevitably the most interesting. I would love to see more of that in future summits. I thought you were great – a wonderful hostess and good at keeping people on track – so give yourself a big pat on the back.” Holly Buchanan, Marketing to Women Online, MarketingtoWomenOnline.typepad.com
Dear Heidi,Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your summit! You did a wonderful job with the interview and I am so impressed with what you’ve done. Let’s be sure to keep in touch so we can find new ways to collaborate and work together. Warmest regards, Stephanie Chandler, Presenter
You can read volumes about wealth building but nothing beats speaking with real women about real solutions, as we all enjoyed at your WEALTH SUMMIT-GET RICH. Keep up the great work, because of you we all have better “Mental Wealth.” Adriane G. Berg, international speaker and author of “How Not To Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth, Wealth102.com, founder Wealthbuilder Longevity Club, LongevityClubOnline.com
Thanks for all you time and work putting the event on last night…It was top quality and I got a lot out of it…thanks for making it so nice!Cheers, Tracy Mannikko, Cruise Planners
“Dear Heidi, I have really enjoyed the wire side chats. The presenters have been excellent and the information is helping me to improve the services offered to my clients and the general public. The first chat on Blogging really got my creative juices flowing and I am starting to develop my own. Since I love to keep updated on the latest, today’s chat on internet radio started out with information that was new to me. “Nanocasting,” the correct terminology for internet radio, is one of the business tools that is going to take my already successful business to the next level. I look forward to other Chat’s. This is a wonderful member benefit.” – Dr. M. Tina Dupree, The Chicken Lady – www.thechickenlady.com
“Dear Heidi, We sign up for 3 to 5 teleclasses and preview calls per week so that we can learn how best to do ours (and what not to do) from those doing it already. So we analyze and take notes on many aspects of the process, from the initial invitation, sign-up form, handout, reminders, as well as starting on time, the introduction, quality of the line, etc, etc. We study everything. On that aspect, you might be happy to know you got a very high mark. From beginning to end, you were first class. We don’t give high marks often… As for the content, delivery, questions, etc, again, very high marks. This was one of the most content-rich teleclasses I’ve been on in the last 6 months (probably 50!). So, congratulations on a job VERY well done!” – Daniel Saintjean, PBB Co-author of Why Should They Do Business With You? Author of A First Serving Milk & Cookies for Success The BizzBoosters Inc.
“Dear Heidi, Thanks for the opportunity … you asked some wonderful questions – you’re a great moderator!” – Toby Bloomberg, Bloomberg Marketing – Marketing & Blog Strategies For Business – www.bloombergmarketing.com
“I found the online chat to be informative. I picked up a great tip to track my internet site. Thanks for offering this opportunity.” – Diana Abitz, Geologist/Designer – The Diana Collection Semiprecious Stone Jewelry – www.thedianacollection.com
“Hi Heidi, Thanks for the recap — this is great. I look forward to getting more engaged with what you are doing.” – Felicia Davis, Founder – Women CEO Network – www.womenceonetwork.org
“Great teleconference! I learned a lot from Jay… I implemented some of the lessons learned the same day and plan to tackle more as soon as possible.” Betty Dobson – InkSpotter Publishing – www.inkspotter.com
“Hi Heidi, Thanks to you and Jay for a very educational session today! It was well worth the hour and I can’t believe I got all this information for free! I am going to be working with my webmaster to implement some of the suggestions he gave for my site.” – Daisy Wright – The Wright Career Solution – www.thewrightcareer.com
“I joined the wire-side chat on the Ten Golden Rules for Internet Marketing by Jay Berkowitz www.tengoldenrules.com. This was a brilliant ‘ auditory and visual experience’. … precious nugget after precious nugget. Not only that but an accompanying ‘slide-show’ that helped to make the talk the most informative rivetting tele-class I have ever been on. [Please understand I have a very low boredom threshold and frequently hang-up 10 minutes into tele-classes]. This was quality information of real value. In addition the evening was recorded and with the aid of the slide-show I will be able to ‘do it all again’ and reinforce those learning points and catch those bits I missed.” – Shirley Caldwell – 21st Century Woman – www.21stcenturywoman.com
“Dear Heidi – Many thanks for arranging the Wire-side chat with Jay Berkowitz. It was a most informative and interesting hour with lots of tips and ideas on how to improve the results of on-line marketing. I will certainly be reworking our home page with Jay’s tips in mind. Looking forward to receiving the Workbook and implementing many of Jay’s ideas within our marketing efforts. A very well organised hour and I look forward to participating in many more in the future.” – Susan Meara – Women Working 4 Women – www.womenworkingforwomen.com
“I have joined this organisation (basic membership is free). I recently participated in a 1 hour telephone presentation on Internet Marketing (also complimentary), which was amazing! How to build your website, how to get lots of hits etc. I think for anyone with a webpage (or thinking about doing one), you may wish to check it out.”- Carla Rogers – Evolve Facilitation & Coaching – Narooma, Australia
“Joan Stewart’s wire side chat was one of the BEST I’ve attended! The time allowed was chucked full of can-do meaningful suggestions. There really should be a second part to this one! Keep up the good work, Heidi, in finding such informative speakers! – Diana Abitz – Geologist & Jewelry Designer – www.thedianacollection.com
“Joan Stewart is a wealth of strategic information! This wire-side chat was the most informative and helpful hour that I have spent in a long, long time. Her tips and resources are invaluable.” – Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed – Whole Hearted Parenting – www.wholeheartedparenting.com
“Nice call. Thanks!” – Kerri Salls, The Breakthrough Business School – www.Breakthrough-Business-School.com