. . . & Creating a Website that Works! Weekly Audiocast by Women in Ecommerce™

Before you start an online business, there are questions you must answer and things to consider.                            

For instance, why do you want to start a business, who is your target audience, how will you market your site, etc.  You need to determine your online and offline business goals, the purpose of your website, the types of products and services you will provide to your target audience and much more. When you create a website, you have to have a plan, similar to a business plan it is something any website creator needs to follow in order to do the job right the first time and create a website that works and achieves what you want it to. If you want to make money on the web, you need a solid foundation or plan.


In this audio program are twelve tips to starting an online business with a Special Report the “Internet Business Success Report”  included when you download the Audio transcript (in PDF) at the end. 

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Creating a Website

You can also download the PDF transcript of this session here: -01_Twelve_tips_to_start_an_online_business.pdf

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