Every company wants to grow. No one wants his or her products in stores and if you want to keep these products moving then, you need to grow your team of affiliates to increase sales. 

As long as there is competition, you will need to get new affiliates every now and then. Learning to keep the existing affiliates and finding new ones is the best way to continue move up the ladder and increase your sales. Here is how to find affiliates who are ready to promote your products:  

1. Create an optimized page for your keyword/niche/brand affiliate program so that it can be tracked and be easily found in Google search engines.  

2. Is your program in any of the affiliate program directories? Search for this directories and add your program on it.  

3. Join and actively network at the top affiliate forums. Don’t know how? Search Google for Best Affiliate forums.  

4. You can also use Google Analytics to find traffic sources. Choose relevant sites that work for both you and your visitors. In most cases, these are mainly bloggers and publishers in a similar or related niche. 

Contact them about being an affiliate and if they respond and send traffic, interact with them and thank them for their efforts. You can collaborate with them so that they can earn as much money as possible from the traffic they send and this way you will maintain a constant traffic flow that will increase your sales. 

Take your time and educate them on how they can promote your products and within no time, you will have great affiliates from simple bloggers.  

5. Apart from Google Analytics, you can also use other analytics programs to locate where your traffic originates.  

6. Who are your competitors? Do you know them? If not find them. Go ahead and track the sites that are sending traffic to them. Narrow down to sites that only focus and deal with your niche. You can offer them a better deal and then have them re-direct that traffic to your site. It’s a world of competition and if you don’t outwit your competitor you stand to lose.  

7. You can also use ALEXA to get Affiliate details. All you need to do is type your website URL, click on get details and click on stream related links. These are links direct you to sites similar to yours. Check the sites linking in and see who is sending traffic. Approach the sites and ask them to be your affiliate. 

8. Don’t hunt for competitors only, also look for sites that target your same market but are not competitors. For instance, you sell products such as plates and cups, find websites that sell cutlery to form partnership. This is called mutual benefit. They can promote your plates and cups, and you can promote their knives, spoons, etc…

Working with them hand in hand will eventually make them affiliates .

9. You can also find new affiliates using social media. Dive right in and see whether someone is talking positively about your products. Do they have a website? If so, ask them if they are willing to be affiliates and be paid to do what they are already doing. You will be surprised by the number of people saying yes.  

10. While you are still on social media, find out who is talking about your type of product but not necessarily your brand name. For instance, if you design and sell shoes, get to know who is interested in your shoes and see if they want to be affiliates. You can also go to YouTube and look for the same. You have endless possibilities here.  

11. You can find lens builder by searching Squidoo. Try to find out if they can promote your product on their lens or on a new one to exclusively promote your product.  

12. I should have mentioned this as number 1. 

Use Google to search for various sites in your niche that are list building and can promote your products. Approach the ones that are a good fit and ask them to become an affiliate. 

 13. During your Google search, try adding the phrase ‘Powered by Aweber’ to your keywords. You will be shown sites that are building lists.  

14. Always advertise your program by placing an affiliate link on the bottom of every page. Affiliates marketers instinctively look here if they are interested in promoting your product.