… that you cannot live without!

Women in Ecommerce™ has a list of keyboard shortcuts we use for posting content, writing emails and generally to save time for anything we do relating to writing content for the Internet.  With just a few strokes of the mouse you can become more adept at writing faster and more proficiently. Here are 15 shortcuts that can save you time and aggravation everyday!

1. To refresh your current web page or any active window on your desktop use: F5

2. A quick way to copy and paste something into an email or document use the following:

To copy: Ctrl+c

To paste: Ctrl+v

3. Make selected text bold/regular use: Ctrl+b

4. Instead of right clicking and choosing rename, you can rename a file using: F2

5. If you had several files to copy and move to another location on your hard drive, instead of copying each file one by one, use: Ctrl+A

6. Have hundreds of files in your documents folder on your desktop? A quick way to search for the one you need is to use open up your My Documents to do a quick search using: F3 or Ctrl + F

7. To underline text in Microsoft Word highlight the text you want underlined and use: Ctrl+U

8.  If you don’t have a mouse, but you have to right click an item to display its properties use (this is good if your mouse does not function or you don’t have one): Shift+F10

9.  To permanently delete an item use: Shift+Del. Be very careful with this shortcut as it bypasses the recycle bin. That means it is permanently deleted and you can not recover it.

10.  You can keep your work open and programs running while your computer is locked without logging off using Windows Logo+L

11. To pull up the Task Manager when you have several processes running in the background and you want to end some of them use: Ctrl+Shift+Esc

12. When you want to open the Task Manager and shut down or log off your PC use:  Ctrl+Alt+Del

13. To copy screenshot of entire screen to clipboard or document use the Print Screen key or Ctrl + Print Screen. Then paste into the document using Ctrl+v

14. To undo what you recently wrote use: CTRL + Z

15. To rename a file use: F+2

For a large list of keyboard shortcuts go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_of_keyboard_shortcuts