A happy and motivated team is an asset to any business. It puts your company on the road to success by being productive and loyal. Moreover, these are the employees who stick with your business for the long run and contribute every way they can. While every Canadian business owner knows the value of employee happiness and motivation, they are apprehensive about the effort that goes into it. Surprisingly, you need not do a lot to achieve the goal. Embrace simple changes in the way your HR managers work, and you are good to go. Here are some HR tips for building a happy and motivated team.

Set realistic goals

Pressure is the biggest deal-breaker when it comes to employee happiness. You cannot expect people to feel good about chasing unrealistic goals. It is stressful, and the stress can affect their productivity and performance. HR managers should ensure realistic targets and timelines for every employee on the team. Clarity is equally crucial because you cannot expect people to follow targets they do not really know. Most importantly, give them the freedom to discuss hindrances and seek solutions. 

Provide opportunities for personal growth

Money is not the only motivating factor for people at work. If you want to foster real motivation, make sure that your company offers ample opportunities for personal growth. Running ongoing training programs is the best way to do it. The initiative is worthwhile because it boosts retention and enhances productivity. You end up with an upskilled team that brings benefits to the business.

Be flawless with HR processes

The HR department is loaded with work as there are several processes to handle. They have to oversee employee onboarding, manage performance reviews, prepare payrolls, and more. There is always a chance of missing out on something or making a mistake somewhere. Try being flawless with your HR processes, as such blunders can lead to employee dissatisfaction. Canadian companies should look for reliable HR software in Canada to automate HR processes. It is a wise investment as it leads to process improvement, which takes you a step closer to employee happiness.

Celebrate milestones

Employee motivation and happiness are also about appreciation. Celebrate milestones, both big and small. It can boost employee morale and keep the team engaged. It inspires the performers and encourages the non-performers to ramp up their performance. You need not spend a fortune on incentives because even words of appreciation go a long way in lifting the spirits. 

Go the extra mile with employee safety

Prioritizing employee safety is the key to building a happy and motivated team in pandemic times. People expect employers to be empathic as they return to work or even continue working from home. Take measures to make your workplace as safe as it can be. Offer home office allowances for team members working from home. Give attention to the mental well-being of employees. Just showing that you care for their health and safety can make your team happy and motivated.

There are no secrets to building a happy and motivated team. Just be committed to establishing flawless HR processes. More importantly, bring a human element in the way to deal with people. 

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