Most marketers know that the right words in marketing copy can make the difference between making a sale or not.  The right words can increase your leads or turn people off.  Small business marketing has to be smart and precise. WE cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes especially when it comes to our business marketing copy online. Website marketing is about content, the right content, using the right words and the right copy for the intended audience.

In fact, a few KEY well-chosen words can make a difference on your website, blogs and in your ezines.

Here are 5 KEY copyrighting words to make your website sell:

FREE – People still like FREE. And let’s face it FREE is the most common used word in marketing. Offer free tutorials, free downloads, free special reports, free samples, free shipping and free consultation.

Sign up – Not everyone who visits your site or reads your newsletter is a “customer.” They may be browsing or may have received your newsletter from a friend.  Be sure to have a place to sign people up for your free offers so that you can continue to market to them long after they have read your ezine or left your site.

Buy –
Make sure your BUY link is visible and obvious.  Don’t bury it deep in the process.  Many people abandon online purchases because the buying process is so difficult and time consuming.  Use a graphic to enhance the BUY Button.

NOW – Use the word now to get people to take immediate action.  Ask them to sign up now, buy now, call now, tell a friend now… and support the NOW by giving them something FREE.

Testimonials/Customer Reviews– J. C. Williams Group did a study of online shoppers asking them which online tools they found to be most helpful in making their purchasing decisions.  Have a clearly visible Testimonials or Customer Reviews Section was sited by 92% of respondents as being extremely helpful.

When used alone these words are powerful and when used in combinations that resonate with your audience they are even more powerful. When you are using the right words to convey your message you phone is ringing, your register is cha-chinging and you are smiling … all the way to the bank!

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