Classified ads can be a very resourceful business website tool.  There are so many options today,  such as Craig’s list , eBayClassifieds , ,  Backpage ,  Adoos or Hoobly each with its own unique selling features and benefits. 

And with Black Friday just days away, listing your items on one of these sites can help you generate extra income to spend on that big sale day as well as during the holiday season. And even though classified ads and advertising have been around for decades, they are often underused, however, they can still be effective when done correctly.

Here are five tips to use this resource to your advantage before, during and after Black Friday.

1. Begin by choosing a relevant Category in which to place your ad.  Decide which subcategories also work. In most cases sites have a maximum number of categories to which you can submit (for free) which can be anywhere from 3 to 10.  

2. Check grammar and spelling.  If your ad is sloppy or full of mistakes, chances are no one will take action.

3. Create a cheat-sheet of page descriptions for each main page on your site. This will come in handy when crafting your message, responding to inquiries and other follow up.

4. Google your topic/niche to start collecting a database of sites that offer advertising.  These can include directory sites, article banks, blogs, resource portals and more.

5. Review your ads often (weekly or bi-weekly) to make sure they are “working for you.” If you are not pulling in any results (check your stats) then you know it’s time to either loose the ad or rewrite it.