In our ongoing series on mobile marketing, Women in Ecommerce™ came across this article “The Benefits Of Mobile Marketing To Your Product Advertising by Benedict Perez. This article answers a lot of the basic questions about why entrepreneurs and website owners should be using mobile marketing to promote their business to their customers and prospects.

In today’s tech savvy world, mobile phones are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. It would be difficult to function right now without one. Everything and everyone are always on the go and the communication aspect of people’s lives must keep up.

Cell phone transmission, via text messaging and contacting, has become a way of life. That is precisely why mobile marketing is actually an ideal approach in today’s environment to connect your merchandise with a particular market.

Mobile marketing, (according to the Mobile Marketing Association) is identified as being a set of procedures which enables businesses to connect  with their own market in an interactive and appropriate manner by means of any cellular system or network. There are several forms of mobile marketing such as:

SMS (Short Message Service) – These are volume text messages that are delivered to various cellular users. With the boom of texting, several businesses have chosen to market their goods by using SMS. Large and small companies can and do make arrangements with mobile service providers to offer them short number codes instead of longer mobile phone numbers for better recall.

Multimedia Message Service – Is a component of the advancement of SMS marketing where instead of shorter content, the advertising message may feature photos, videos, slideshows or various other graphics that can help promote the product. This is one of the newest trends in mobile marketing adapting to MMS capable cell phones.

LBS (Location Based Services) – It permits you to customize your advertising to mobile phone users according to their geographic location. This gives your advertising an ability to adjust to the culture which is familiar to the mobile phone reader.

Moreover, there are numerous advantages to making use of mobile marketing as an alternative or a supplement to conventional advertising. A number of its advantages are:

* Direct message to the subscriber – Through mobile marketing, you are able to deliver your advertising to specific mobile phone subscribers directly, immediately and efficiently anywhere.

* Savings – One of the perks of mobile marketing is that it is not expensive to participate in. It certainly is more affordable than printing thousands of flyers and hiring someone to distribute them for you.

Time Savings – As opposed to published advertising, you usually do not need to devote a lot of time on conceptualize the advertising campaign, find printers and disseminate your advertising pieces. Once you have the finalized ad, you simply distribute your message to the specific mobile telephone users.

Personalization – Marketing via mobile marketing and advertising provides you the versatility to personalize the ad depending on the location of the cellular phone subscribers.

Monitoring – Businesses that provide mobile marketing and advertising typically have existing systems that allow you to monitor the messages delivered about your product. This will likely allow you to measure and determine if your marketing and your mobile marketing campaign are doing the job.

Businesses have maximized the opportunities provided via mobile marketing to the end user, your prospects and customers. This helps promote your business without spending tons of money on other forms of advertising such as banner ads, print advertising, billboards or TV and radio commercials. 

Did you know? “The forecasters at ABI Research found 58% of respondents predicted SMS and MMS ads would be the most widely accepted form of mobile advertising by 2015.”  Source: DMA and IAB VIA CMO COUNCIL 

That is why on January 27, 2011, Jeffrey Sass, VP Marketing & Business Development at Myxer Inc. is presenting “How to Use Mobile Marketing to Attract More Customers to Your Website” during the South Florida Chapter of Women in Ecommerce™ Luncheon