Follow These 7 Email Marketing Tips For Better Results by Women in Ecommerce™

Did you know that email was designed to be used as a two way communications tool? Email is also a good tool for quick, simple communication. But before sending any email messages it is important you have an understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of doing so in the first place.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that email is the appropriate method for communicating your message. If you have a sensitive or confidential matter for instance, email may not be the best method of communication. Once you have determined that email is the best form of communication for a particular issue, the following tips will help you get your email read and more importantly, responded to.

If you follow these 7 Tips your email messages will have a much greater chance of achieving your goals and resulting in the outcome you desire.

1. Be concise. E-mail is immediate. The reader is more apt to scan a long message than read the entire thing. This can result in miscommunication as well as missing important “action items” which you need responded to. Keep your message to one screen or less.

2. Use short lines (65 characters or less) for the body of your message. Many successful ezines use this strategy with great results. The authors know that longer lines are more difficult for the eye to follow, and in many cases, impossible for your reader’s display to accommodate.

3. Write in bullet points – this makes it easier for the reader to retain the information.

4. Give background information when responding to email. By including text from the original message you let your reader know what message you are referring to. Be sure to only include the parts to which you are referring and edit the parts that are irrelevant or trivial.

5. Use a Headline in the subject line – one that grabs the recipient’s attention and tells her/him what the email is about.

6. Don’t overdo the icons – if your email is a business communication, smiley faces may be seen as unprofessional to the receiver.

7. Use spell check – to be seen as professional, check the spelling of your message before hitting the send button.

Email is like any other form of content. It needs to be precise, professional and practical. Women in Ecommerce™ takes all our emails very seriously. We appreciate our readers allowing our messages into their email inbox.  With all the SPAM and inappropriate emails we are faced with every minute of every day, its important to be aware that your audience has the same challenges. Make it easy for them to read the email instead of hitting the DELETE button by following these email marketing tips.

In the next post we will talk about Email Overload and offer some tips to get it under control.

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