Women in Ecommerce Awards for Women

The Women’s Ecommerce Association Women in Ecommerce awards were created to honor and publicly recognize the achievements and positive contributions of women who have shown exemplary acumen in their professions and/or their contributions to Ecommerce locally and globally. Our mission is to showcase women in the media via the press, journalists, publishers, the business community, and the public in general. Our goal is to make the Women in Ecommerce awards both coveted and recognized globally by choosing women who are role models in their companies and communities.

In order to be considered for any or all of these awards you must be a woman in business who uses the WEB to promote your products/services via internet marketing, social media and other avenues online and offline. To be considered for our member of the month or member spotlight, you must be a Member (in Good standing) of Women in Ecommerce.

(Note: We are in the process of revamping our awards program applications which will be available at the end of 2016)

Simply click on the individual awards to find out more information such as nominating process and criteria.

Members of the Month

MemberoftheMonthEach month we highlight members of Women’s eCommerce Association/Women in Ecommerce in our newsletter, on Facebook, LinkedIn and on our Twitter pages (which will show up on the Twitter Stream on our home page). We invite you to visit their sites and get to know what business women around the world are doing. For more information, visit our Members of the Month now.



"Ecommerce Site of the Month Archives"ECommerce Sites of the Month

Each month our site selection committee selects sites to feature on Women’s eCommerce Association/Women in Ecommerce . This site may be presented to anyone from beginner to seasoned professional who’s website has design originality and content deserving recognition. This is a great way to promote yourself and the products and services you offer. To read more about our selection criteria and how to submit a site click here.

Golden Mouse Award


The Golden Mouse Award is our global award for women. Winners of this award are women from around the world who are making a difference in their communities and in the economy. To learn more about the Golden Mouse Awards click here .

Member Spotlight

The member spotlight is chosen randomly each month and can be seen on the home page of the Women in Ecommerce website as the Featured Member. To learn about the individuals shown, click on their name or image.

Who’s Who in Ecommerce

"Who's Who in Ecommerce"The Who’s Who in Ecommerce is a Directory of Women in Ecommerce. We first publishes our directory in 2008. In fact, you can click here to view the 2008 Edition. This directory resource showcases women who have an online presence either in the form of a website or blog and who either promote a product or service via one of those vehicles or earn money through affiliate sales. Each woman listed has been doing business online for a minimum of one year from the date of submission. For more information and to be notified when the newest edition is ready, visit: .

Top 100 Sites 4 Women