Running an e-commerce venture is not a mean feat, and the startup phase is often the hardest. You have to handle endless to-do lists to get your business afloat while bearing the pressures of time, money, and resources. Setting up operations can take tons of effort because you have to invest in a team that knows e-commerce like the back of their hand.  Hiring the right team is immensely challenging because you need people with diverse skills and capabilities. The most daunting part is tech recruitment as IT talent is scarce and expensive. But there are ways to pick the best resources without pressing your wallet too hard. Here is the best tech hiring advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Define your expectations

The first tip is to define your expectations before initiating the recruitment process. List the requirements and skill sets you need for your team. E-commerce businesses may need diverse IT skills for running their operations. For example, you will require web developers to create your website, designers to showcase your items, and digital marketers to run marketing campaigns. Another role that fits in is data and analytics  professionals. Further, you may need IT support specialists to keep your website up and running at all times. Beginning the recruitment process without listing your requirements is like walking in the dark. So make sure you know what you want.

Look for a lean team

When it comes to IT hiring for your e-commerce company, keeping your team lean should be a priority. Startups need to be extra conscious as going too big with tech talent can disrupt your budget. Moreover, you may not need a big team at the early stage of the venture. Look for quality talent, but do not hire too many resources. Pick people you actually need to work, rather than manage. A core IT team of 5-8 people is often enough to fulfill all the essential roles and keep your business tech on track. If they are good at their jobs, they could help you grow your revenues over time. Of course, you can bring in more people as you scale and need to get more aggressive with operations and marketing. 

Look attractive

Building an employer brand is your best bet if you want to secure top IT talent for your e-commerce business. Start by presenting an attractive picture of your company online. If you run social media accounts, keep them current and refreshed. Candidates often scour these channels to know the potential employer better. IT professionals are even more likely to check your digital presence. If you can impress them, there are good chances of attracting top talent to your company. Highlight your values and show that you are growing as a business so that they have good reasons to join your company.

Seek help from specialists

You may have your own HR team, but do not press them too hard to get you the best IT talent. Startups should be even less dependent on in-house teams for high-end tech recruitment. Collaborating with a specialist IT recruiter  can get you the most relevant resources at the earliest. These recruiters have a proven talent pool, making it easier to secure the requisite skills without waiting for too long. It means you can get your business off the mark at the earliest and achieve your growth targets through the best IT professionals.

Skip heavyweight candidates

When you hire tech talent for your e-commerce startup, money should be on top of your mind. Remember that IT resources can press your budgets because they are expensive. Experienced candidates are even costlier, so skip heavyweights for the initial phase. Bringing a big fish may sound exciting, but they can cost more than the benefits they bring to your smaller business pond. Such professionals may not be right for startups due to valid reasons. They probably have experience with big companies only. So they will hardly know anything about taking a business to the next level. Rather than fishing for seasoned candidates, bring in young and fresh talent because it is an ideal fit for startups. 

Try independent contractors

E-commerce entrepreneurs can get smart with tech hiring by bringing in independent contractors instead of building an in-house team. A mix of both can give you a perfect model that balances skills and costs. Employing freelancers or contractors is a great option if cash flow is an issue. You get to add specialist skills, experience, and local talent to your in-house team. The best part is that you can skip the full-time overheads. Not to mention, remote working blends well with e-commerce setups. You require less space, infrastructure, and resources to operate. Moreover, it is relevant in pandemic times when social distancing is the key to working safely. 

Plug in the recruits right away

The final piece of hiring advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs is to plug in the recruits right away. Connecting them to your business aims from day one is crucial as they will understand the road ahead. Tell them about your growth targets and timelines. Also, let them know how they can be a part of the journey. Employees no longer look at a fat wage packet as a retention factor. They expect employers to appreciate them and make them feel like a part of the family. An empathic approach can fuel the retention rates  and growth of your business. Ensure that the employees stay and contribute because retention saves money and time down the line.

IT talent can make or break your e-commerce startup, so you should go the extra mile to bring in the best resources. At the same time, these professionals expect high salaries because of their technical skills. Consider their expectations to fit them smartly into your startup budget. Achieving the perfect balance is easy if you take the right approach to hiring and retention. With these resources, less is more. So focus on building a small team that gives their best to your company and takes it ahead on the growth route. 

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