ABOUT THE WEcademy™ for Women

"Wecadmy eLearning Center for Women"Welcome to the Women’s ECommerce Association International™ WEcademy™ eLearning Center for Women.


The Internet marketplace provides many new opportunities for companies and individuals worldwide. The internet also provides an environment for individuals to participate in a new society in innovative ways. At Women in Ecommerce we support the personal and professional development of individuals by providing educational opportunities on an ongoing basis.


Our vision is “To Develop Ecommerce Leaders Around the World.” Our goal is to offer programs that achieve our vision.


“In this era of increasing competitive global marketing, WECAI Acedemy understands that the Internet is an incredible learning and communication tool that visionary Entrepreneurs and Professionals have and will discover and use to their advantage.” Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder & CEO

Our programs are designed by experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators in many disciplines; for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to take advantage of unlimited global business opportunities offered by internet technologies. Participants should be familiar with the Internet and willing to learn the vast technologies available online.

Most online courses will be available as independent study courses with a Certificate of Completion and Official recognized Certification awarded upon completion of individual courses and series. Teleseminars will also be offered by our faculty from time to time. If you are interested in expanding your personal and professional development, we invite you to check out the online courses and teleseminars currently available.

If you are an expert in Internet Marketing, Social Media or Website Design and would like to be a part of our team please send your contact information, brief bio/or website url with about you information as well as your areas of expertise. We are looking for women who offer eClasses and Tutorials and are interested in offering them to our members at a reduced rate. We are also looking for Faculty Members who are interested in providing new courses to a highly targeted/highly motivated audience.

Please send above information to Heidi (at) wecai.org with WeCademy Faculty in the subject line.