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Submission Guidelines

Read our Article Submission Guidelines for an overview of our policy.

Consider submitting more than one article and several resources, as acceptance of any articles and resources is on a first come, first included basis, and ultimately will depend upon our needs and the perceived benefits to our members. All submissions that offer a “how to” approaches to the subject matter, rather than “theory,” will receive selection priority. Remember our goal is to create eBooks filled with a variety of strategies and resources that are of interest to our members and also to give you an additional venue to promote your products and services on the net.

If you submit resources, be sure to describe the resource (with a link). Otherwise they will not be included in the book as we will not have time to research and write about each resource submitted. A two to three sentence description of the benefits of the resource should be sufficient.

We will only accept original works by the author themselves. All current copyright laws will prevail. Please do not submit any articles that have not been written by you. You may, however refer the author to join as a BASIC member and then submit her/his own works.

Unless otherwise stated in individual ebook compilations, Contributing Authors, Website Owners, Information Product Sellers and others promoting our Ebooks to your lists including Members of Women in Ecommerce™ agree to distribute this book FREE of charge to their individual lists.

Contributors and other visitors to the Women in Ecommerce™ website may include this book on their website as a promotional tool provided it is given away to your visitors. You may use this book as a premium to increase your database, to enlist subscriptions to your ezines or other products and services, as a bonus when people purchase your products and services, etc. As you can see, the promotional possibilities are endless.

Your book will always be up to date! “The GET SERIES” will be updated as we receive new submissions.   

We reserve the right to include (or not) that material we choose. Please note that we are by no means “judging” the value of the information you may submit, it may mean that the topic has already been covered, is not appropriate to this particular eBook or we simply have enough info for the book to be published.

Send your submissions or questions to: with the subject “The GET Series Inquiry.”


Membership Has its Privileges

Platinum and Gold Members ~ Can submit a 250 X 250 button for your business to be included in the back of the book under “advertisers and sponsors.” Cost for this ad is $17.
Silver Members ~ Can purchase an ad space of 250 X 250 button – cost is $47 to include your ad. Considering that this ebook will have a long shelf-life and could be passed around the world many times over, this is an excellent value for the exposure you will get!

Ad space is limited. (Membership will be verified upon receipt of payment.)

We also accept a limited number of non-member ads at a cost of $97 each for a button 250 X 250 pixels.

If you are interested in a full-page ad, contact heidi (at) for more information (prices start at $397)

All ads must be submitted Camera-ready.

IF you don’t have an ad, you can submit text and your link and we’ll create one for you (for a cost of $25 for a button)

Contact Heidi (at) for space availability.

*NOTE: Advertising and Sponsorship prices are subject to change without notice.

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