The Woman’s eGuide to Promote Your Products and Services to the World! By 14 Experts on Media Marketing and Public Relations Promotions

"GET MEDIA SAVVY"GET MEDIA SAVVY! The Woman’s eGuide to Promote Your Products, Services and Ideas To the World is brought to you by Shannon Cherry, Rhonda Day, Catherine Franz, Dina Giolitto, Paul Hartunian, Penny Haynes, Michelle Howe, Annie Jennings, Nancy S. Juetten, Meredith Pond, Lori Prokop, Heidi Richards and Rosalind Sedacca. Foreword by Raleigh Pinskey, Author of “101 Ways to Promote Yourself”

“The new ebook GET MEDIA SAVVY is a fantastic resource, clearly written, and easy to follow.  I have had the experience of having two different PR firms on retainer over the years that I have owned businesses, and know first hand that the information is exactly right.  The difference now is that I can do all the promotion myself with the help of this book and the tips and links that are provided!  Congratulations on a wonderful and helpful ebook to all business owners!” Dr. Sally Witt – Breakthrough Coach/Hypnotherapist

From the book:

For some people the thought of getting publicity can seem improbable and even impossible. In fact, people think that you have to be a celebrity or political/public figure to get your message in the media.  The RIGHT kind of publicity, that is. Most people don’t know where to start, let alone who to contact. Creating a media marketing plan is only the 1st step and one many people ignore.

Before you even begin to think about contacting the media, you need to know what it is you want to gain from the connection. Once you’ve decided your goals, laid out your strategy and started making your list of which media you want to get attention from, then it will be easier to start building those valuable relationships! Once the media gets to know about you, your brand and what you stand for, the more better your chances of being showcased to their audience.

That’s why this eBook was created. To help you to better understand the process of what the media expects, how they expect it delivered, when they expect to receive it and what possible actions they will take on your behalf. The real question is not if you will get media attention; rather it is when you will get media attention!

If you have the drive, determination and commitment to the project, your message will end up in the right hands, viewed by the audience you intended. GET MEDIA SAVVY! can help!

On behalf of all the contributors of GET MEDIA SAVVY! I hope you enjoy reading this eBook and use the information to further your PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGIES. There is no time like the present to get your message out for the world to see!

What’s Inside:  Foreword by Raleigh Pinskey

Part One ~ Research & Planning

Conquering the Fear of Promoting Yourself By Raleigh Pinskey
Media and Public Relations Planning By Heidi Richards
Your Media Contacts Database By Heidi Richards

Part Two ~ Establishing Your Brand with the Media

How to Create a Press Kit That Attracts Positive Media Attention By Dina Giolitto
Create Your Media Bio for Publicity By Annie Jennings, Annie Jennings PR
How to Hire a Publicity Coach By Shannon Cherry
Award Wins Can Help Build Brand and Sales. Here’s How… By Nancy S. Juetten
5 Tips for Writing Search-Engine Optimized Press Releases By Michelle Howe
Tips to Make the Most of Your Media Relations Efforts By Nancy S. Juetten
Be the Media’s Dream Guest Publicity Tips By Annie Jennings, Annie Jennings PR

Part Three ~ Media & Publicity-Getting Ideas

How Blogging Can Help You Get Media Attention By Lori Prokop
Podcasting for Media Attention By Penny Haynes
Ten Tips for Getting on Radio By Catherine Franz
The “Can’t Miss System” for Getting Free Publicity by Paul Hartunian

Part Four ~  Even MORE Media & Publicity-Getting Ideas

Writing Articles to Boost Your Business and Attract Media Attention By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT
Organizing a Media Event By Rhonda Day
Crafting Your Media Event By Catherine Franz
Need To Get Noticed? Do Something Crraazy! By Meredith Pond
Hosting Your Own Public Radio Program By Catherine Franz
14 Publicity Tips You Can’t Live Without By Paul Hartunian

Part Five ~ RESOURCES Lots and Lots of Resources!

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