GET RICH! The Woman’s eGuide to Building Wealth

Contributing Authors: Liz Crawford, Stacy Francis, Neen James, Heidi Richards Mooney, Debra Maples, Mayumi King, Darlene Arechederra, Teresa Franklyn, Kim Kirmmse Toth, Christina Gage, Adriane G. Berg, Marguerite Bonneville, Regina Forte, Morgana Rae and Irena Whitfield.


According to Webster’s Dictionary, RICH is defined as “having more than ordinary amounts of money,possessions, abundance, or having plenty.”  WEALTH is defined as “riches, affluence” and PROSPERITY is defined by the words “success and good fortune.”

“You can read volumes about wealth building but nothing beats speaking with real women about real solutions, as we all enjoyed at your WEALTH SUMMIT-GET RICH. Keep up the great work, because of you we all have better “Mental Wealth.” Adriane G. Berg, international speaker and author of “How Not To Go Broke at 102: Achieving Everlasting Wealth, John Wiley & Son, founder Wealthbuilder Longevity Club

When you listen to and read advice from WEALTHY, RICH, PROSPEROUS people a common theme seems to emanate.  The theme is that of attitude and abundance.  In order to “GET RICH” you must first believe you can “BE RICH.” And that is what the 15 authors in GET RICH! The Woman’s eGuide to Building Wealth is all about.  It’s about first preparing yourself to be rich and then setting the groundwork to accomplish your goals of building your personal wealth.

Some of the authors share their experiences of investing to amass wealth, other write about paying yourself first. And right up there is the advice of doing what you love and the money will follow.  These are not airy-fairy ideas, rather they are tried-and-true principles each of these women have used personally and shared with their thousands of clients to reach their own financial goals and become wealthy.  These women have proven through their own experiences that it is not essential for you to begin with a wealthy background to earn more money or accumulate wealth.

Inside the pages of GET RICH! you will find ideas to invest, save, borrow and plan for a rainy day and for your ultimate retirement.  I recommend you read each chapter, digest it, take notes and create your own wealth-building plans based upon the suggestions contained herein.

Check out the Table of Contents:

Part One – Money Management Strategies

New Attitudes About Money By Regina Forte

Wealth-Building Tips: Manage Your Money  By Neen James

Saving Money:  How to Find Your Starting Point By Darlene Arechederra

Fitness Workout for Your Financial Muscles By Mayumi King

How One Small Spark Can Lead to Greater Savings By Darlene Arechederra

PART TWO– Wealth-Building Strategies

The Three Step Plan to Prosperity By Teresa Franklyn

Insuring Your Investment By Stacy Francis

7 Golden Rules to Financial Prosperity By Irena Whitfield

Strategies to Financial Independence By Liz Crawford

PART THREE – Your Relationship with Money

Warning, Your Wealth is Leaking! By Adriane G. Berg

Financial Alchemy: Changing Your Relationship with Money By Morgana Rae, CPCC, MRC, MPNLP

Spring Cleaning for Your Financial Closet By Stacy Francis

The Equation for More By Christina Gage

Assess Your Risk Tolerance – QUIZ By Heidi Richards Mooney

PART FOUR – Planning for Profit

Finding Your Own Personal Wealth Mentor By Heidi Richards Mooney

Start a Cashflow Club By Marguerite Bonneville

When it Comes to Contingency Planning, Do the Paperwork By Heidi Richards Mooney

Cash Flow, Growth Money, Business Funding Beyond the Banks By Debra Maples

The Pre-Retirement Stage By Kim Kirmmse Toth

Oh Joy!  I Might Live to be 103! By Kim Kirmmse Toth

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