Cashing in on Mobile Marketing

How would you like to have a MOBILE COUPON to promote your business?

Mobile Coupon redemption is one of the fastest growing marketing channels online or offline! In fact:

  •   Mobile searches jumped 500% in the past 24 months

Mobile search increasing while desktop search decreasing

5 billion people are using mobile phones to access data on the internet. In fact, Over half of   all new connections to the Internet are from mobile phones.

Mobile phones have changed the face of communication and marketing in emerging markets around the world

Over half of all new connections to the Internet are from mobile phones.

What are you doing to stay on top of the mobile marketing craze?

If you are not using mobile coupon marketing in your business, now is the perfect time to consider it.

Women in Ecommerce has taken the “next step” and brought mobile coupon creation to our members. When you become  a Platinum Level Member of Women in Ecommerce, you can have the team at Women in Ecommerce create a coupon for your company for only $67! That’s right only $67! You can search high and low for a company to do it for you for that price and you know what… it is very likely you won’t find anyone. Most companies charge $197 and up to create a mobile coupon and that’s all you get. With our system we create the coupon for you and you can be a member of our organization for only $164! And that’s not all, you get other great benefits and discounts below. Such as the mobile appointment scheduler app.   Let us create coupons for your customers they can download to their mobile phones!

In less than a week you can have a beautiful coupon your customers and clients can upload to their mobile phones to use next time they do business with you.

So join today at the Platinum Level and get started creating your coupon!

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Not yet sure? Well there’s more…


When you join at the Platinum level we will also  create a Mobile Appointment Reminder App that can be used on any cell phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

If missed appointments are costing you money, you need to get the mobile appointment reminder app for your website to share with your customers and clients!

When you become a Platinum Member ($97) our team will  create your  mobile appointment reminder app for only $67 additional. That’s one of the benefits of belonging. Deeply discounted services to help you grow your business! The value of this mobile app is a minimum of $297!  In fact, most companies charge anywhere from $500 to $$2500 to create an app for you. We do it for only $67 once you join us as a member!

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When you join us at the Platinum Level  you also get the following programs (FREE) to help market your mobile coupons and apps:


Comes complete with comprehensive eBook and 9 videos

The Mobile Marketing multi media training is possibly the best training you could have to help you find your way around the mobile marketing landscape. It consists of an ebook and 9 videos of the ebook for those who are visual learners.

Here is what you will learn…

  • What is mobile marketing? what does it entails, current trends and statistics and a general overview of the market. Reasons why your business will benefit form mobile marketing.
  • A timeline of recent mobile technology, to include smart phones, tablet PCs and everything in between.
  • Explain why traditional .coms aren’t compatible with mobile screen resolutions, space demands, memory
  • Optimizing your mobile site for the search engines.
  • Mobile marketing and social media and the Opportunities for list building, lead generation and even direct sales.
  • Mobile advertising an overview on Apps, how and where to create them, what they do, what they cost, the total potential pay-off.
  • Mobile focused analytics. Options for collecting and analyzing the data and what to do with it.
  • The top 10 advantages directly associated with mobile marketing
  • The future of mobile technology

Value $37! (No, thanks! I just want to purchase this product for $37)


This step by step, 7 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly tap into QR Codes and use them for you business. In this video series you will be shown how QR Codes can be used in your business, what benefits they provide you and most importantly how you can start using QR Codes in your business, starting today.

You get to watch an OVER THE SHOULDER demonstration, click by click, to discover how to use QR Codes in your business the right way.

Here’s a list of this 7 part video series in more detail

Video #1: Introduction to Local Mobile Explosion With QR Codes

In this video we will discuss why you should use this exploding mobile marketing technology, QR Codes. You will also learn the tools and concepts you should understand before jumping into QR Codes and much, much more. You will also get a quick overview of what we’ll be discussing in this video series, and the tools you will need to be successful with QR Codes.

Video #2: How to AVOID Crippling your Campaign

Before you learn how to use different QR Code strategies correctly, you need to get into the mindset of what “NOT” to do with your QR Codes. In this video, you will learn what to avoid doing so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. We want to see you have QR Code success.

Video #3: What value will you give?

After you learn how to avoid crippling your campaigns and the DO NOT’s of QR Codes, it’s time to ask yourself this question. “What value will you give” to your customers? Or in other words, why should they scan the QR Code? What incentive will you give them so that you can engage with them later? In this video, you’ll be shown several different ways to provide value and get your customers to action.

Video #4: Mobile Friendly Landing Page

Imagine your customer scanning your QR Code and it brings them to your website, but your website is not Mobile Friendly. Your curious customer will soon turn into a frustrated one. This is a scenario you don’t want because you’ll lose customers. In this video, you will learn how to make sure your landing page or the content you put in front of your customers is Mobile friendly.

Video #5: QR Code Tactics: Engage Customers

In this video you will learn several ways to use QR Codes. First, to build curiosity and presell your products or services. If you can engage your customers so that they become curious about how your products or services can benefit them, and they interact with your company, that is one step closer to fulfilling their wants and needs, ultimately closing a sale. Second, you will learn how to use QR Codes to offer your customers with instant answers to their questions. Third, you will learn how you can begin implementing QR Codes as coupons to entice consumers to buy from you.

Video #6: QR Code Tactics: Video Tours

In many cases, video tours can be very convenient for your consumer, especially if you have a product that requires someone to see something visually. For example, let’s say you are a realtor and you would like to put a QR Code on your sign for a specific house. By doing so, you give the home buyer, who may not have a realtor to open the door, the ability to see what is on the inside of the house. This is one of many examples, so you can easily see how this can positively impact your product or service.

Video #7: QR Code Tactics: List Building

Did you know that you can build your list by using QR Codes? As you know, QR Codes bridge the gap between offline and online worlds, and thus make it easy for you to build your list of customers. If you don’t have access to a list of customers for your business then you are losing a lot of money by not promoting to your backend, loyal customers. In this video, you will learn how to build your online list of clients using QR Codes.

Value $47! (No, thanks! I just want to purchase this product for $47)


Just for stopping  by here are two special gifts:

 Check out the Women in Ecommerce free QR Code generator – you can create a QR Code to download and use on your website, mobile phones, as bar codes on products and more! You can also create an Email QR Code, a QR code that automatically links to your website an SMS QR Code with a special message AND a Business Card QR Code. People simple go to your website, scan the image and all the information you shared is embedded in the bar code. These are great to sell products using your unique Affiliate link on your website. Create one for every page!


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