Meet Conni Gordon – Golden Mouse Honoree

Award Recipient for Global Learning

Conni Gordon, Trailblazer – Lifetime Achievement

Coming from a business show family, Conni Gordon learned the power of humor in educational entertainment. Gordon was in the Special Services, U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. Her formal training in fine arts and philosophy at Columbia University, New York and Ecole des Beaux Arts, France led her to develop a unique 4-step method for anyone to create pictures-in-minutes, even at first try. Her four step TILS ™ Technique evolved as a result of working for Fortune 500 companies and the Young President’s Organization in 80 countries around the world. Guinness recognized Gordon as “ The World’s Most Prolific Art Creative Motivator” having taught over 17 million people in person. She has been featured on TV shows including David Letterman, Bonnie Hunt TV Show, BBC with Terry Wogan and CNN-Newsmakers. Gordon’s students include President and Mrs. Carter, Hugh Downs and Larry King.

Among her many accomplishments are:

• First person to teach painting and creative thinking on television since 1946 before e-commerce was developed and she still makes national appearances on TV today.

• First to recognize the importance of ecommerce with various activities throughout the years.

• First to sell her convention services by plunking a portabe TV atop the committee’s desk, showing her presentation via tape.

• One of the few persons to have her art instruction shows documented by Miami Wolfson Archives – they have her original 2” taped art instruction shows, 1”, then 1/2”, then on up to DVDs…..These tapes represent the history of the industry even before e-commerce development from the beginning.

Conni was also:

• Orginator of the “Arty-Parties since 1946.

• Inventor of the 4 Step “Instant-Art Method©, ”as seen on TV over 60 years.

• Inventor of the problem solving TILS Technique for International companies.

• Inventor of new art materials for the able and disabled.

• Recognized in the Guinness World Book of Records as the world’s top creative motivator & prolific art teacher.

• Founder of Florida Speaker Association Chapter

• Empowers over 17 million people in 80 countries, using Art as a tool

• Teacher of mass groups such as the U.S. Marines, YPO, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Tupperwear etc.

• Established author of 41 art instruction books which sold over 15 million worldwide, also authored various other topic books

• Pioneer professional speaker with a CSP awarded by National Speakers Association (NSA).

• Pioneer in the National Art Materials Trade Association and the Hobby Industry of America.

• TV Personality, star of her own show, and popular guest on national TV.

Conni has helped numerous foundations raise money for charitable causes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inner City Games, Miami Children’s Hospital, Cerebral Palsy telethon, Miami’s Humane Society, Adopt-A-Pet, The Jewish Federation of Miami and the Cancer Society Fund. Conni has worked with the lepers of India and has taught the disabled (even the blind to paint). She invented a braille palette especially for the blind. In fact, there is a movie that chronicles her life’s work called “Blind Heart.” She used her 4-step technique with soldiers to help them keep their sanity at a time where there were no resources available of this kind. Today, it now considered today Art Therapy.

Conni was recently recognized at the University of Miami for her generous contribution to the new Studio Arts Complex which now bears the name “The Conni Gordon Painting Studio.” It will stand as a living legacy to Gordon’s accomplishments both as an artist and art educator. Also, Conni Gordon – was One of Five Pioneering women to be honored at Jewish Museum of Florida for earning the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award”. During her many years of her career in the military and as an Art Educator on TV, women’s capabilities were not recognized.

Even now Conni continues to serve the military by teaching at the Miami Veterans Hospital.

All this experience and dedication is reflected in her community service to increase positive living for all ages.

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