Meet Kandee G – Golden Mouse Honoree

Award Recipient for Digital Publications

In this age of sound bites, providing good news in the media is the primary intention and the purpose for Nothing But Good News Media. Kandee G’s principles are based on YOU living your remarkable life; which is the basis for the magazine, radio, webinars, blogs, online presence and in all the work that is delivered. Kandee G is dedicated to bringing high quality information to the public through all of the programming and to satisfy the increasing demand for integrity, honesty and impassioned living.

A few words from Kandee G, “Twenty years ago, my circumstances took a drastic change! Everything I had worked so hard for – retirement account, savings account, investment accounts, and my home – was abruptly gone. I was alone, taking care of my four-month-old baby!

I was horrified to see that one jar of peanut butter was the only thing left! At that moment, I made the decision that I was not going to be a victim to life’s circumstances; I would be the champion to my own life.

From struggling on my own with a four-month-old child to care for, one jar of peanut butter in the fridge, and no money, I am proud of those things that I have been able to accomplish. I have built two very successful businesses. I have been recognized as being among the top in my industry.  I have been interviewed by major publications, television and radio for my success. Most places I travel is by private jet, hence my story has been called “from peanut butter to private jets.” I am living proof that life’s circumstances represent the intersection of mediocrity and personal prosperity. My programs were born out of my search for my own path to personal and professional empowerment. Today, my greatest desire is that I can help others create their own remarkable life.”

Kandee G’s mission is to help others create their vision. She feels that the true path to having the life you want begins with having a strong, clear, vision. Kandee G has brought her expertise to hundreds in an affordable new coaching and membership program, iVisionMyLife™. With coaching calls, guest speakers and a community forum, people all over the world are enhancing their life and living the lives they dream. Visit for more details.