21 Writing Ideas to Move Your Website from Good to Great

1. Write a post by examining the pros and cons of an issue.

2. Write a tutorial or ecourse and share it. Have people sign up and use it as a lead generation tool. The Six-day Do-it-Yourself SEO Ecourse is a perfect example.

3. Interview others in your niche or industry. Post the Q and A on your site.  WE Magazine posts several interview channels including Women in Business (just in time for Small Business Week which begins the first week in May)

4. Along those same lines, interview others via teleconference and post about the interview with a link to it. The FREE Teleseminar Achieve Success in Internet Marketing is an example.

5. Create a “Worth Reading” channel and write about the latest books in your topic or niche. Check out WE Magazine for Women’s Worth Reading channel

6. Create lists. People love lists. One of the lists WE created on WE Magazine for Women is 100 Grants, Loans and Scholarships for Women is a good example

7. Write about current events. Peter Cashmore and the folks at Mashable do a good job writing and commenting on current events.

TrendHunter lists the latest trends in several hundred topics and shares them on his site. WE Magazine for Women creates a 101 women bloggers to Watch list twice a year.

8. Write about events you have attended. For instance whenever I attend an event that my readers might learn from, I share it. On my Heidi Richards site, I recently wrote about: the Rock Star Marketing Boot Camp I attended in Los Angeles. My next post will be about an event I attended with the Social Media Club of South Florida. It was all about LinkedIn and I will share it on my Redhead Marketing site.

9. Ask others to submit content to your site. Women in Ecommerce is always looking for great articles our audience would benefit from.  Charly Leetham is one of our Platinum Members and a frequent contributor. Here is her latest article: Website Design Tips Using the Right Fonts

10. Review other websites.  We write about other websites we know our audience will be able to take advantage of. The latest was: Monday Resource: CinchCast Micropodcasting

11. Review Your Own products. On Women in Ecommerce™ I wrote about the Info Products Audio Program and posted it here: Monday Resource Creating Info Products/ Review other people’s products ~ Here’s one WECAI did: Creating Unique Sites for Affiliate Marketing

12. Update older content with new information in the form of a new blog post or article.

12. Ask your audience what they want to know/learn about and write about it.

13. Write about your website and the benefits to you readers.

14. Create a list of your best posts/articles and write about them.

15. Tell a personal story.  People love stories. Make the story relative to a lesson for your audience. I wrote about my grandchildren selling popsicles on a Sunday. It was called A Kid’s Lesson in Commerce .

16. Post a relevant, thought provoking YouTube video and comment on it.

17. Create a video and post it on your site. Talk about it and why you recommend your readers view it. Adding written content to your post that includes a video helps the search engines find and index your content.

18. Write a How-to article with specific steps to do something related to your niche. Here’s one How to increase your Websites Link Popularity

19. Use Private Label Rights Content on your website (I will be writing about private label rights content in a subsequent article because this is something you can use once in a while but there are pitfalls to doing so and in my opinion a right way and a wrong way).

20. Create Themes for every day you write. For instance Monday could be Marketing Monday, Tuesday could be Tech Tuesday, Wednesday could be Wealth Wednesday and so on…

21. Carry through on a specific theme for a period of time, which is exactly what we are doing on Women in Ecommerce when we write 3-4 articles on a specific idea such as Content.

In our next post I am going to share with you How to generate ideas to to create Content for Your Website

By the way, if you are in South Florida May 26th, be sure and visit us when we present: Content Is Queen… How to Leverage your Website/Blog Content . We’d love to see you there!