To get your website/blog pages to the top of the search engines, (Google, Bing, Yahoo) follow these simple SEO tips:

1. Create your content around one central keyword phrase for each web page on your website.

2. Include this keyword phrase in the Title, Meta Tags, Headline and in the URL.

3. Place your keyword phrase and different combinations of it throughout the page.

4. Have a column of related keywords listing other relevant content with links to that content on each page.

5. Build valuable one-way links to this page from keyword related sites around the web. These can include writing articles and submitting them around the web, participating in discussions in social groups on your favorite social media sites, directories and vendors, among others.

6. Use Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc to promote each page.

7. Make sure the internal linking structure of your site construction uses the “no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage” rule.

8. Check out Read-Able – The Readability Test Tool is a web based service that lets you quickly test the readability of an entire webpage, a part of it or a sample of text. You can conduct the test by entering the URL of the page, inputting text directly or by linking to the tool from your webpage. It scores the text on various readability indicators. Check Readability Of Text Online at

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