Cyber Security Toolbox

Cyber Security Toolbox – Avoid Online Scams Video Series & Checklist is our latest resource for Women in Ecommerce.

This new series includes 10 videos that cover the most perpetrated online scams such as URL Scams, Email Scams and more. It also includes 10 additional videos on How You Can Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online and Cyber Security 2.0 – Your Checklist for Staying Safe On the WEB. (Note: this series will be available December 26, 2015)


PART ONE: Avoid Online Scams Video Series includes:


  • URL Scams
  • Baby Scams
  • Hijacked Profile Scams
  • Credit Card Banking Scam
  • Mystery Shopper Scam
  • Lottery Scam
  • Photo Scam
  • Nigerian Check Scam
  • Quiz Scam
  • Survey Scam


If you or someone you know has ever fallen victim to similar scams you understand how important it is to be informed and know what to look for before you are taken advantage of.


Also included is:


PART TWO: Surefire Surfing Security – 10 Part Video Course

Watch as a Former Web Security Expert Reveal How You Can Protect Your Identity While Surfing Online, Starting Today… In This Step by Step Video Course


While 99% of the population won’t do anything until it’s too late, you’ll be ahead of everyone else and less of a target. Don’t know where to start? Most of this video  course is screen-captured video,  which means you will learn “over the shoulder of an expert.

Here’s what’s included in this 10-Part Video Series:

Video #1 – Introduction To Online Security
Video #2 – Online Protection 101
Video #3 – Anti-Virus / Firewall
Video #4 – LSpyware / Malware Protection
Video #5 – Passwords
Video #6 – Browser Password Breach
Video #7 – Centralize And Encrypt Your Passwords With This Software
Video #8 – Surfing Security
Video #9 – How To Spot Phishing Scams
Video #10 – What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Taken


Cyber Security 2.0 Checklist

You also receive a copy of CYBER SECURITY 2.0 -Your Checklist for Staying Safe On the WEB

This checklist includes all the topics covered in each of the above videos along with written directions on how to combat these and other scams, security threats and online issues you may encounter.


The pdf format makes it easy to download, save to your computer or print out and use.



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