Women in Ecommerce™ Decided to do something different for our December WEBSITE of the Month. WE decided to interview the woman behind the site. A woman with lots of knowledge and wisdom to share and who finally today turned 30 (which means we can trust her and she us!)

She even made us a video message (Videography is her primary business)

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Please allow me to introduce you to Jessica Kizorek, Business Woman and the Brains behind the Badass Business Women Movement Entitled: How big is your online personality?

The Internet is overflowing with experts, newsletters, white papers, websites, fan pages and discussion groups.  The sheer quantity of data is overwhelming, and chances are your messages blending in.

Unless, that is, you have a personality.  A BIG personality.

I founded the Badass Business Women movement in February 2010. People are talking about it. I was on the biz cover of the Miami Herald. When I walk into my local Starbucks I’m greeted as Miss Badass. The brand is edgy and slightly jarring. It snaps people to life. It’s hard to forget, and it’s not just because of the name.  

As a businesswoman there’s a certain protocol:  Be professional. Be appropriate. Let your hair down after work, not from 9-5.

Badass Business Women embodies the opposite.  We encourage you to be outrageously self-expressed.  We give you the freedom to be yourself.  We challenge you to throw your personality into your business.  Business is no longer about fitting in.  It’s about standing out.

Today is my 30th birthday.  For those of you who have already turned 30, you probably know that turning 30 makes you think about what your life is really for. I’m on this planet to inspire businesswomen.  To challenge you.  To instigate.  To pat you on the back when you embrace your inner badass.

To do so I reached out to Michelle Villalobos, Marci Alt, and dozens of my members to help me write “Badass Business Women: The Manifesto.” We are giving it away for free to our members @ www.BadassBusinessWomen.org The Manifesto defines what it means to be a badass, the benefits, and our shared dream as a community:

We have a dream…A dream that one million women unleash their inner badass…A dream that one million women shine because they have the freedom to be themselves…A dream that one million women ignite this stagnant economy by throwing some personality into their business!

If you want your organization to be as successful as Badass Business Women, here are a few tips:  Engineer your business to give away brilliant content. Provide incredible value for free. Be real, authentic, and bare your soul out loud. Give people something to talk about.  Dream a big dream.

Part of being a Badass Business Women is asking for what you want. So, for my 30th birthday, I have a simple request: Tell one badass in your life about our Manifesto. It might just inspire her to stand out instead of fitting in.

(For a free copy of The Manifesto sign up as a member at www.BadassBusinessWomen.org)