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When: Friday, August 6th at 3PM EST
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About this session: People are transcending cultures and geographies and are embracing diversity in their experiences and interactions with others. In this session, Deepika Bajaj author of DiversityTweet Book 01 will be sharing her experiences in creating relationships across cultural divides using today’s social media tools. She will give tips to manage diversity to be successful in the future as well as stay competive in today’s market.  She will show the audience how to express themselves in ways that encourage inclusion, individuality and respect for cultural differences one Tweet at a Time. And MORE!


About our Guest Expert: Deepika Bajaj is Founder and President of Invincibelle, a company empowering women and a diverse, multigenerational work force to thrive in a multicultural world. Bajaj is also co-founder of ActiveGarage , the company behind, a Twitter discovery search engine, helping people find and discover people who share your interests. Prior to starting her company, Bajaj spent more than eight years in telecommunications consulting and corporate marketing. She has served on the Boards of various professional organizations, including the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and Women in Intel. The author of DiversityTweet: Embracing the Growing Diversity in Our World, she is at work on a second book about her experiences as a global citizen and what is shaping the new voice of diversity. Her upcoming new ebook “PINK and Grow RICH” speaks of 11 UNREASONABLE RULES for success for women leaders who live and work in a multicultural world. She speaks and consults on diversity, blogs at and writes a column on social media for ActiveGarage. She is the winner of 2010 IWE Entrepreneurship Achievement Award. Bajaj received a bachelor’s degree from Bangalore University in India and an M.B.A. in marketing from Fordham University in New York.
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