What comes to your mind when you think of an eCommerce website? eBay? Amazon? It’s common to think of such giant platforms as they have set a high benchmark for the eCommerce industry for sure. With this, the influence of the ecommerce market is intensifying and upgrading the global business market standards. 

While we all woo over successful eCommerce websites, it’s necessary to remain familiar with the surprising growth factors of this industry. Like in 2020, the overall retail eCommerce market reached 4.28 trillion U.S. dollars. And now, it’s expected to grow by 5.4 trillion U.S. dollars by the end of 2022. This is because online shopping is one of the prevalent online activities recorded throughout the world. 

So far, records reveal that the United States has been one of the biggest contributors to the global eCommerce market. The second quarter of 2021 unraveled 13.3% as the total share of the eCommerce market to the U.S. retail sales marketplace. Atlanta has been one of the giant contributors to the market growth so far. And that’s why the capital is creating a lot of hype in the digital market.

As a result, we see a new store entering the market and advertising to beat the heat of the competition. It bestowed the market with a series of eCommerce options to choose from; on the contrary, it has added a lot to the eCommerce market competition. As A Result, almost all eCommerce stores are striving hard to try something unique. This may be a progressive thought process adding more to your chances of surviving in the market, but you should consider your website’s structure. 

So, before you start to judge your eCommerce site or website wireframe prepared, let’s have a look at some integral factors making a huge difference. 

#1 – Have a user-friendly website – eCommerce is all about user-friendliness. Customers are supposed to be able to navigate through the platform and make easy purchases. For this, the website navigation should be planned in a proper manner. It should be a step-by-step guide explaining how the customer began and ended the buying process. Here, marketing, content, website structure, and design matters the most. Therefore, consider having a professional by your side. 

#2 – Keep a secured checkout process – One of the biggest fears of most online shopaholics is whether the platform is secured or not? For this, ensure that you have placed a secured third-party transaction integration on the website. It should be done keeping in mind the cybercrime law. Plus, there is no harm in displaying a note saying “all transactions processed on the website are encrypted and secured properly.” such pop-ups are good to develop a sense of trust among your brand and the customers. Also, offer your customers multiple modes of transactions, including – PayPal, debit card, credit card, cash, and much more. This acts as a better convenient option. 

#3 – Have a robust CMS – Choosing an appropriate software that assists your eCommerce business well is one of the promising factors bringing the much-required change. CMS should be good enough to support all features while ensuring the way of usage. For example – CMS should permit the admin to create and edit a new responsive webpage. Some other common perks found in any CMS are – customer service chatbots, customer forms, and much more. 

#4 – Some integrations matter the most – Believe it or not, social media is one of the keys to rule the market and bring the much-required difference. That’s the reason why Atlanta eCommerce agency experts recommend integrating social media icons on every eCommerce product page. This helps you expand your reach, fetch more details from the target audience, and better understand their interests for future references. Plus, social media buttons are expected to improve the overall visibility of the brand. 

#5 – Make your product description appealing – An essential element to a successful eCommerce business is to keep the content engaging and fun. There are times when website owners copy and paste the content to different product pages for the sake of getting rid of work. This may save your time or efforts but is likely to take a toll on your website’s reputation for sure. Your website should carry the personality of your brand. Therefore, crafting a masterpiece of content for each product will do them justice. Here, make sure you indulge an experienced writer helping you sail through this task. Adding relevant notes to each product will keep the customers well informed. Sometimes, this works as a reason for your customers to put their valuable trust in your product. 

#6 – Featuring customers – Consider asking your developers to keep a separate section for customers’ voices when getting your website developed. The basic concept is to value your esteemed customers and appreciate their decision to collaborate with you. 

#7 – A responsive platform is a MUST – It may interest you to know that smartphone purchases in the United States are expected to grow by $350 billion by the end of 2021. What’s more interesting is that this graph is expected to grow shortly too. Thinking about why we are discussing mobile phones? Well, that’s the trending device in the market. And that’s the reason why most eCommerce businesses like Amazon, eBay have made their platform mobile-friendly. 

If we go by the current trends, an eCommerce business should be trying to develop an application for the company. This ensures easy access, helps the customer keep a purchase record, better collaborates with the customers, and assists in understanding the customers’ interests. 

#8 – Add filters – This is another factor to consider when developing an eCommerce website. Add relevant filters to simply search options and bring the customer to the most relevant results. For instance – if you are running a clothing brand online, you can consider having filters like – type, color, size, fabric, and much more. 

The final word – 

eCommerce websites are making huge profits in the current marketplace. The only secret to leading a kick-ass eCommerce business is to stand out unique and remain in the mind of your target audience forever. 

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