Annual Events

Every year, Women in Ecommerce hosts two celebratory events for women. They are Virtual Woman’s Day and International Women’s ECommerce Days



Virtual Woman’s Day is an annual celebration that take place on March 15th. Women from around the globe connect online for an all-day celebration of women online. Planned in celebration of Women’s History Month, the month of March is an excellent time to celebrate woman online by participating in networking opportunities, join new social networking sites and make new contacts around the globe.


For more information this annual celebration for women, visit VIRTUAL WOMAN’S DAY


International Women’s ECommerce Days Celebrates Women’s Economic Impact on the World! During the third week in September we invite ALL women around the globe to make a statement and demonstrate this economic impact and purchasing power. How will we do that? By encouraging women around the world to make a purchase on the internet during International Women’s ECommerce Day, sending media releases to the media on all five continents, and coordinating with more than 350 partnering organizations made up of more than 1.2 million members around the world to spread the word about the event. Men can help too! By making an online purchase from companies owned by women.


For more information on this annual Celebration for Women, visit WOMEN’S ECOMMERCE DAYS


In addition to these events, we host a Virtual Conference/Summit that takes place in the Fall or Spring every year.


Past events have included the Women’s Writing Series, Women’s Internet Marketing Summit, Women’s Writing and Publishing Summit, Women’s Media Summit, Women’s Wealth Summit and others. These event are held over several days and feature women and men who are experts in the topics we are covering. For information about how to access the audio programs from these programs visit our Audio Programs Pages .


Our next Summit will take place after the International Women’s Ecommerce Days and will be all about ECOMMERCE & SOCIAL MEDIA. Stay tuned!

If you would like to Sponsor/Advertise during any of our virtual events, visit our Virtual Event Sponsorship Page .