eWednesday Chat FAQ

eWednesday Chat™ FAQ ~ The Live Conference Solution to Online Networking for Women™
“Hi Heidi I’ve had so much on my schedule lately that I’ve not, until today, had the pleasure of attending one of your eWednesday Chats.  I was able to make it for half of the first session and all of the second today and sooo enjoyed the  experts you chose.  Thank you for using your expert and intuitive talents in picking such fabulous people for your WECAI events.” Angel C. Hale – “Angel On Your Side” Coach, Speaker & Author


cropped-WECAINewIcon.pngWhy are they called eWednesday Chats?
Because they take place on any given Wednesday of each month
What exactly is an eWednesday Chat?
eWednesday Chats are live interactive events held in an online conference room or via a teleconference bridge line in which you can speak and hear one another (provided you have what you need to attend, that is).
What do I need to attend?
For Webconferencing you need a computer, a keyboard, speakers and a microphone to participate in the lively discussions we host for your education, networking and entertainment. Don’t have a microphone yet? No problem! You can still join in the discussions via text chats. You will need speakers, however in order to listen to the discussions going on. For teleclasses all you need is a telephone with long-distance access. Access to a computer is optional but recommended.
How long do the chats last?
Typically these are one-hour networking events however, we offer the attendees who wish to stay and do more networking access to the room/bridge line for two hours.
How much does it cost?
These events are currently free.
What is the format for eWednesday Chats™?
The format is currently informal. We begin by inviting our guests to introduce themselves. Depending on the topics we may ask our guest other questions related to the focus of the individual event. If we have a guest expert, we will direct our questions to her (or him) about the topic area being discussed. We also invite and encourage members to host discussions.
Will you be scheduling them at other times?
Right now we are hosting eWednesday Chats in Eastern Standard Time Zone. The plans are to invite hosts around the world to facilitate the events using the eWednesday Conference Room, we ask that the chat takes place on a Wednesday (but with time differences it could be a different day in your time zone).
We also offer our members use of our conference rooms and bridge lines and eWednesday chats acts as the sponsor for those chats.
Can I volunteer to be a moderator?
Absolutely! Especially if you have an area of expertise that would be of interest to our audience. And it doesn’t hurt if you have a moderate database of your own to invite.
How else can I benefit from eWednesday Chats™?
In addition to meeting interesting women and learning new skills, during our own events, you can attend other networking events hosted by Women in Ecommerce and the guests as they are available. Better yet,  members are invited to host events of your own. And best of all it’s free!  If you are interested in learning more, drop me a line at Heidi (at) Wecai.org.
What do I do if I am having trouble logging on?
Email Heidi – Heidi (at) Wecai.org or call us at 800-966-3336.