Facebook Ads Video Tutorial Series

Welcome to the Facebook Ads Video Tutorial Series.

Below are the 16 video tutorials and the Facebook Ad Campaign Checklist  to help you plan the perfect Facebook Ad Campaign for your business.


Facebook Ads Checklist

Now that you’ve decided to take advantage of the traffic coming to Facebook by creating an ad campaign, you need to make sure you take all the right steps to make it a success. Follow this checklist each time you run an ad campaign.

You can download the checklist by clicking on the image to the left or visiting:




Video 1 – Facebook Ads – Introduction



Video 2 – What are Facebook Ads?



Video 3 – Why Facebook Ads?



Video 4 – Are Offline Videos Using Facebook Ads



Video 5 – How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Campaign Step 1



Video 6 – Step 2 Setup Your Facebook Page



Video 7 – Step 3 – Optimize Your Facebook Page



Video 8 – Step 4 – Creating Your Ads



Video 9 – Step 5 – Creating Your Ads: Images



Video 10 – Step 6 – Creating Your Ads: Text and Links



Video 11 – Step 7 – Creating Your Ads: Audience



Video 12 – Step 8 – Creating Your Ads: Campaign Pricing



Video 13 – Optimizing Your Ad Campaigns



Video 14 – The Hottest 8 Ways to Use Facebook Ads



Video 15 – Facebook Custom Audiences



Video 16 – Facebook Ads Do’s and Don’ts




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