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You have access to this video listings page because you are a Member of Women in Ecommerce. We do this for those who #1 miss a meeting or #2 have not had a chance to review a past video and cannot locate the link.

This is an exclusive Benefit of all Local, National and International Members. Available Videos are listed by most current with the date, topic and speaker. Most reside on our YouTube Channel and one or more may be on our Vimeo private channel.WE have also included links to PPT slides where speakers have shared these with us.


Alex de Carvalho – The State of Email and Social Media Marketing Video and PPT Presentation (2 separate links)


May: Dale Filhaber – Take it to the Bank – Direct Mail Marketing and Email   (YouTube Video) Dale’s PPT Slides


July: Cheryl Rubman – Making Sense of Social Media Part One   Making Sense of Social Media Part Two

May:  Not Available

March: Jessica Kizorek Using Video to Promote and Grow Your Business  (please excuse the quality, this was recorded as a live stream event and we didn’t realize the quality would be so poor, but the information is good and you can still listen to Jessica’s presentation).

January: Tom Antion How to Make a Living Online


November: Shari McConahay How to Promote Your Website for the Holidays

September: Jay Berkowitz Ten Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing

July: Craig Agronoff Checked In: Location Based Social Marketing

March: Tracy Repchuk (Power of 3) Internet Marketing to Grow Your Business

January: Jeffrey Sass Mobile Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand


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*Only accessible to Gold, Platinum and Lifetime Members. A link or copy of these documents is sent to Everyone who attends shortly after our event.  Guests and Silver members have access to these documents for 7 days following an event you have attended. If you have attended an event listed above and not received your copy, drop Heidi a note here with your request in the subject line.