Join Women in Ecommerce™ on Tuesday, April 30th at 7pm EST for a 30 minute Webinar about Mobile Commerce and Business presented by Richard Apodaca Affiliate with

Here are some highlights of the content that will be covered:

  • Mobile statistics – Understanding the numbers and how they impact consumers and businesses.
  • Internet transition from computers to mobile – We have moved from yellow pages, to Goggle and now to mobile. Have your customers made this transition?
  • Applications of mobile apps in businesses – Text marketing vs. mobile app marketing. The best way to get a businesses’ brand, information and promotions is to reach the consumer on the device that is with them 24/7….their mobile phone.
  • Briefly review email campaign and webinar platform – applying additional digital tools to enhance a businesses’ marketing strategy.
  • There will be a Q & A session at the end to answer your most burning questions.

About our presenter:

Son of a Foreign Service Officer, Richard grew up overseas in Peru and Brazil. This led Richard to pursue a career in International business. He currently is Director of International Sales with a local manufacturing company. In 2009 Richard was introduced to comF5, a cloud-based company which integrates the core components required to achieve effective digital marketing and communications. Impressed by the comprehensive suite of tools offered by comF5, Richard immediately implemented the platform in his marketing strategy, utilizing video email, email campaigns with video, and auto responders as well as conducting training webinars with customers globally. “Brand recognition that differentiates me from my competition!”

When customers began to inquire about comF5 products, Richard enrolled as a comF5 affiliate and has since then become actively involved in educating businesses about the importance of having a digital presence in today’s market. Yellow pages and newspaper ads are a part of the past. With the advent and explosive growth with Mobile Apps, (45 billion downloads in 2012), it is important to understand how they can benefit businesses. Richard hosts a weekly webinar to the Hispanic community and has attended conferences as a speaker educating on mobile and email marketing.

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