How word-of-mouse spreads your ideas for free by David Meerman Scott is a book every marketer, internet marketer, website content creator and online business owner should read, especially if you are using “new media” to promote your business.

Although this ebook was published 2 years ago, it is still very relevant today. Women in Ecommerce™ highly recommends you read this viral marketing book cover to cover and start implementing the word-of-mouse marketing ideas immediately!

Chapters include:

How viral marketing spreads your ideas for free
Word of Mouse Empowers You
How to Get your ebook Shared via word-of-mouse
Think like a Venture Capitalist
Nine Tips for Using YouTube for Viral Marketing (and other new media)

And much more!

Here’s an excerpt:
Viral Marketing advice from Cindy Gordon vice president of new media and marketing partnerships, Universal Orlando Resort

“Nimble companies are using the Web in ways that they could never do before. New media has created a new marketing environment where the old rules of marketing no longer apply. When you have a passionate fan base for your brand, the Internet is especially vital for going viral. Communicating to a small but powerful group of fans first online to enlist their support is a smart way to ensure positive coverage in the mainstream press. The power of the Internet makes it easier for people to fall in love with you faster.

But beware—it also makes it easier for them to fall out of love with you faster. It’s a double-edged sword. Listen constantly to what’s being said about you. Social media technologies do not make a brand viral; they merely allow consumers to tell others about good brands. The main thing is to be different and relevant with your brand. And when you have that, the sheer power of the Internet can accelerate your brand. Traditional media takes weeks to build brand awareness and months to build preference. The Internet can make your brand famous literally overnight.”

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