Meet Angela Andreola Golden Mouse Award Honoree

Meet Golden Mouse Award Recipient for Non Traditional Marketing

Angela Andreola is a speaker & instructor of automotive life skill & safety courses and the author of “The Diary of The Auto Repair Lady”, as well as several instructional tools for her renowned Car Care Clinic for Women. The Car Care Clinic, which she began presenting in 1996 at ABS Exotic Repairs, her repair shop in Fort Lauderdale has empowered thousands of women to become more familiar with their cars including what to ask when bringing your car in for repairs. She has written and taught automotive educational programs for The Mercedes Benz club of America, Girl Scouts of America, Women in Distress as well as Palm Beach College as an Adjunct Professor. In fact, the Car Care Clinic for Women will be available as an online program in the fall of 2013.

A Licensed Independent Florida Auto Dealer & Luxury Vehicle Repair and Restoration Specialist Angela has an intense passion for cars. It is not just a “job” to her. She has been in the auto business doing what she knows and loves for the past 20 years. Angela says:  “I wanted to create an auto repair shop that made auto repairs a pleasure, my vision & dream was to fill an unmet need. I know what is going on with every car and every client every moment throughout the repair process. After your car goes home, I personally follow up with every client to be sure they had a great experience with my company.”

In fact, she is so passionate about helping people she created the “Ask the Auto Lady” program to serve car owners as their personal auto expert. This program helps individuals with all of their automotive decisions whether it be about making a purchase, hiring someone to do repairs, or restoration on their vehicles. No agenda – just honest answers to your car questions. Ask the Auto Lady questions include “Should I buy this car”, Repair Estimate Reviews, and general automotive questions. People can submit their questions to her online and she will review any proposal to help consumers make more informed auto repair and/or buying decisions. This new and exciting consulting service can save both valuable time and costly mistakes. You can learn more about Angela at