Meet April Iannazone

 Meet April Iannazone, Founder – a ZONE venture llc – Event Marketing Leader

Without even knowing it, you have probably been to an event orchestrated by April Iannazzone. April is the CEO of a ZONE venture LLC.; founder of the Sexy, Self-Made, Success Club™.. The South Florida Women’s Expo, Mother Daughter Retreats, and FLWBON Networkers are just a few of the events that April has produced.

April’s passion is to help other women find BALANCE in both their lives and their bank accounts. She has developed programs to help savvy entrepreneurs create their own success stories as well as build six figure incomes. What fuels April’s passion about balance and lifestyle? Her two daughters. She now has the freedom to accommodate their hectic schedules and prides herself on being able to assist other women with the same mission.

Learn more about April at or attend one of her free networking events in South Florida. 1.888.295.2526