Meet Biba Pedron

Meet Biba Pedron, Founder – Biba4Network – Online Network Leader

Biba Pedron was born and raised in France. For over 15 years, she has served as a sales & marketing manager for a number of companies in her native France. Recognized as someone who powerfully connects with people, professionally and socially, Biba brings her successful networking techniques to both sides of the Atlantic.

With great passion and drive, and little English language speaking skills, she moved to the U.S. in 2003 and within two years became known as “The Connection Queen” and published her first book, Start Your Dream Business Today.

Business coach & marketing expert, Biba helps countless small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals connect the dots of marketing, social media, networking, and branding to grow their business, teaching simple but effective marketing strategies that really work. So they can attract more clients online and offline while building a 6-figure business. All while following their passion and doing what they love best.

Biba Pedron knows from experience that the majority of businesses don’t succeed because they lack the right tools and the right system needed to excel. This is why she offers entrepreneurs, key business secrets needed to build their business and give them the exact formula they need to grow their business in a step-by-step road map, leaving them with no way to get lost or take a wrong turn.

Over the past 10 years she not only taught networking and marketing strategies to her clients, she also connected thousands of entrepreneurs to build international partnerships.

Biba is the author of “Start Your Dream Business Today”, “Power of Networking Secrets”, “15 Ways to Instantly Skyrocket Your Networking Results”, “Top 10 Closet Must-Haves For Successful Business Style” and various ebooks in French.