Meet Marguerite Beaty

 Meet Marguerite Beaty, President – and – Business Professional Leader

Marguerite Beaty started Crea8fotos after meeting many people who were asking for help after they bought their fabulous cameras.  Many were becoming overwhelmed with all those buttons, dials, thousands of possibilities and an instructor manual that was as long as an epic novel.

Crea8fotos gets people up and running or better photographing and understanding their cameras quickly and creatively.

Crea8fotos is a place for hobbyists, aspiring professionals and passionate image makers to learn in one ones classes or online.

Marguerite teaches photography, the business of photography and social media for photographers.  Marguerite is also the  owner of .  Online baby photo classes for the new mom, future photographer or baby photo enthusiast.

CBS Miami named Crea8fotos as one of the best photography classes in South Florida.

Marguerite used to work as a stock broker in Sao Paulo Brazil.  She decided to change careers when she moved to New York and went back to school.  She started her studies at the School of Visual Arts and ended with an MFA from the University of Miami.

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