Meet Mary Mathis Golden Mouse Award Honoree

Meet Golden Mouse Award Recipient for STREAMING MEDIA – INTERNET TELEVISION

Mary Mathis is the President, Chief Executive Officer of Latinariffic Company, The Rosa Alliance, which owns CBC.TV and Mensaje Media LLC. Ms. Mathis has over 25 years of international managerial, marketing, operations & sales experience. Previously, she was CEO of an international management, marketing and public relations firm with offices in the U.S., Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as a venture capital and investment company assisting with international trade facilitation and cultural and technological exchange. Mary has expertise in minority marketing and emerging technologies and has a keen interest in the empowerment of women.

Having spent much of her career in the media manipulation business, she recognized early in 2001 that a revolution was taking place with traditional media. The internet’s ability to deliver video created an opportunity for niche narrowcasters and shrewd integrated marketers.

In 2004 she bought the assets of a streaming media technology company and established CBC.TV, the parent company of Mensaje Media. The combined influence of a growing Hispanic community in the US, an underserved market of Latina programming, the power of the internet, the growing importance of minority marketing, and a trillion dollars’ worth of buying power spelled opportunity.

The Rosa Alliance, an investment company focused on U.S. multicultural media and marketing ventures, acquired CBC and Mensaje Media in 2009.

The companies that Ms. Mathis and her veteran media team have developed cater to multicultural markets in the U.S., with a strong focus on the American Latina.