Meet Sheila Finkelstein Golden Mouse Honoree

Meet LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Golden Mouse Award Recipient 

Known as “The Tech Savvy Senior,” Sheila Finkelstein is a 73 year-old grandmother who teaches seniors how to use technology to have more fun in life. Her “kids” (educators and business people) often seek her expertise for accomplishing more on the web. Even her son, who teaches computers to high school students, asked her to teach him Twitter!

Sheila’s in-depth journey into technology began in 2001 with her first website, “Nature’s Playground,” which featured her unique photo/drawings. In 2004, she launched “Picture to Ponder” ezine with her magnificent photographs of Nature and the environment. In 2005 she developed the “Photo/Creativity”, now “Through and From The Lens,” telecourse. By phone and online, participants learn how to use their cameras to see the world with new eyes.

During that time, she also created a site to help people heal after the loss of a loved one called “Writing For Healing.” Her “Love With No Regrets” site is dedicated to helping people get the most from their relationships. In 2012, she launched “Treasure Your Life Now,” which includes her awareness-expanding photography. Her newest website, “Technology for Seniors Made Easy,” grew from her years of experience on the Internet.

“I know,” said Sheila, “that some people feel overwhelmed and out-of-touch when looking at their computers, smart phones or tablets. I am passionate about helping seniors thrive in this age of technology.”

As a former teacher and life coach, Sheila has had years of experience honing her communication skills. She uses these skills to discover just what each senior she teaches wants and needs to know…. from how to avoid getting caught in a scam to fully using the Internet and social media. Sheila is helping to open up seniors’ lives with her blog, one-on-one coaching and online classes.

Visit  Technology for Seniors Made Easy  to discover how Sheila helps seniors use computers and other electronic devices.